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Precautions For Using Diesel Generator Sets In High Humidity Areas

Aug. 11, 2021

We all know that there are certain environmental requirements for the use of diesel generator sets. Different use environments have different impacts on the unit. Generally, the operating environment requirements for diesel generator sets are as follows:

(1) Ambient atmospheric pressure 100kPa.

(2) Ambient temperature 25°C.

(3) Air relative humidity 30%.


When using diesel generator sets, users must fully consider the impact of various complicated climates on diesel generator sets, and take corresponding measures to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets. When the diesel generator sets are in a high humidity environment (such as a basement, coastal areas), especially when the standby unit has a relatively short operating time, the insulation performance of the generator is reduced, and the electrical components of the control system are also easily damaged due to moisture. Therefore, certain measures need to be taken to prevent the generator and control components. Wait for a long time in an environment with high relative humidity. Diesel users can install an anti-condensation heater. The anti-condensation heater is mainly used in an environment with high humidity and condensation in the air. When the generator is not running, the heater is turned on to make the body temperature of the generator greater than the environment. The temperature is about 5K, just cut off the heater power supply during operation.


diesel generator

Most users may not pay too much attention to the impact of environmental climate on the power of diesel generator sets. In fact, the three environmental factors of altitude, temperature, and humidity have obvious effects on diesel generator sets.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. recommends that users try to avoid making the generator set high. If it is used in an environment of altitude, ultra-low or ultra-high temperature and high humidity, if the diesel generator set must be used in a harsh environment, the user must install corresponding protective measures to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


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