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Precautions For Use And Regular Maintenance Of The Engine

Nov. 09, 2022

The W series diesel generator is a new product that has been greatly improved on the basis of the original 6180 diesel engine in order to meet the renewal of high-power diesel engines in the supporting market of ship engines and power stations. W series diesel engine has stronger power, lower fuel consumption and emissions, higher reliability and better matching adaptability. It is the ideal supporting power for ships and power stations, mainly used for marine main engines, marine auxiliary engines, small passenger freighters, generator sets and other supporting power. What should we pay attention to when using and maintaining the engine regularly?


1. When adding lubricating oil, lubricating oil of different specifications shall not be mixed.


2. Before starting the engine, check whether the coolant, lubricating oil and fuel are sufficient.


3. Remember that the engine must be started without load.


4. For new engines or overhauled engines, they must be run in for 60 hours before use.


5. It is not allowed to run the engine (except marine) without air filter to avoid early wear of the engine.


6. If the engine is running indoors, the engine room should always be well ventilated. When the air intake of the engine is insufficient, the engine temperature will rise, the output power will be insufficient and the performance will decline. If necessary, the machine room must be equipped with ventilation equipment.


diesel engine

7. When the engine is running, its running status and the displayed values of all instruments shall be observed frequently. In case of abnormal conditions or emergencies, emergency shutdown measures shall be taken and faults shall be detected to prevent the engine moving parts from engaging due to water shortage, overheating or low lubricating oil pressure.


8. When the coolant temperature is lower than 60 ° C, it is strictly forbidden to run the engine at high speed and high load.


9. Do not overload the engine.


10. When the engine must be shut down due to overheating, do not inject cooling water immediately after the shutdown, otherwise the cylinder head and other parts will be damaged.


11. The engine cannot be restarted immediately after abnormal shutdown. When the abnormal alarm occurs again and the machine is shut down at the same time, the cause of the fault must be found out and eliminated before the machine can be started again. If the operation continues without fault treatment, more serious accidents may occur.


12. When the lubricating oil pressure of the engine drops abnormally for some reason, stop the engine immediately, check all parts of the lubricating oil system, and confirm the cause of the fault. If it continues to operate under low oil pressure, it will cause engine bearing burning and other accidents.


13. When starting the engine that has just been repaired, the air supply shall be cut off. In case of runaway after the engine is started, the engine shall be stopped immediately after air interruption.


14. Avoid welding on engines or equipment equipped with electronic equipment. If necessary, before welding, cut off the power supply of the equipment, disconnect the electronic equipment from the harness, and do not plug or unplug the harness with electricity. It is not allowed to plug the harness at will. If it is necessary to unplug, it must be done after power off to avoid failure.


15. When checking the belt tension and other driving devices, the engine should be stopped.


16. Do not use a pry bar to remove or install the drive tape from the pulley, as doing so may damage the reinforcement inside the tape. It shall be disassembled and installed manually.


17. If the drive belt is contaminated with lubricating oil, fuel or other harmful liquids, it must be replaced and the pollution source eliminated. Do not use solvents to clean the tape.


18. When storing or handling the transmission tape, ensure that its bending diameter is not less than 25 mm, and it shall not be hung on the hook.


19. The surface of the drive belt pulley must be smooth to extend the life of the belt. Therefore, before installing the tape, make sure that the pulley surface is free of rough surfaces or burrs and can rotate freely.


20. The battery has a certain service life and must be replaced at a certain time.


21. If the thermostat fails, it shall be replaced in time, and it shall not be removed without permission.


22. In order to maintain the normal performance of the engine, the fuel injection quantity seal is set on the fuel control linkage. Cut off these seals and use the engine. In case of failure, no warranty will be granted. When the seal is cut off, the following faults will occur: the sliding and wear of parts in the fuel injection pump increase, burning, damage and other faults occur, fuel consumption and lubricating oil consumption increase sharply, fuel injection and governor imbalance, performance degradation, causing serious accidents such as overspeed.


23. Do not use seawater to cool the engine directly.


24. The fuel injection pump with electronic governor shall not be cleaned by direct spraying with water.


25. Be careful not to let rainwater enter from the exhaust pipe orifice or intake pipe orifice. Do not wash the engine while it is running. Detergent (water) may be sucked into the interior of the engine. If there is water in the combustion chamber of the engine, the internal damage of the engine may be caused by the water pressure when the engine is started, which may cause serious accidents.


26. Do not change the purpose and scope of use of the engine at will, otherwise the engine or/and equipment may be damaged and personal accidents may occur.


27. When the W series generator is a complete set, it must have the belt overspeed protection function. It can be carried out in the following way. The overspeed shutdown signal of the unit control panel can simultaneously generate the electric regulation (power-off) of the feed pump and the fuel solenoid valve (fuel cut-off), so that the diesel engine can have dual protection in case of overspeed.


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