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Precautions For Starting Diesel Generator For The First Time

Oct. 13, 2021

The working life of a generator with an internal combustion engine depends to a large extent on the quality of preparation and compliance with the requirements for diesel generator starting and load connection. If the cold state is energized, the oil level and the coolant level are not observed, and the action sequence is not observed, the wear will increase. In this article, Starlight Power will introduce you to the relevant precautions for the first commissioning of household and industrial diesel generators. For example, the startup of the booster station can be done manually by an electric or manual startup device, and the automatic or remote automatic startup device can be completed by an automatic startup device. We need to consider all these situations to ensure that the diesel generator starts properly.


Preparation before starting.

Before starting the diesel generator operation, a series of measures must be taken to determine the actual technical status of the device. In the work list, the following tasks must be completed.


1. Check whether the charging condition and wiring of the battery are correct, and consider the polarity at the same time.


2. Open the feeler gauge on the crankcase of the internal combustion engine, check the existing oil level, and fill up to the required amount if necessary.


3. After the oil is filled, the resolver that reduces the pressure in the combustion chamber and simplifies the rotation of the crankshaft must be pressed in to increase the system pressure, and then the starter must be started several times until the low oil level signal indicator light goes out.


4. If there is a liquid cooling system, check the level of antifreeze or water.


5. Before starting the diesel power station, check whether there is fuel in the fuel tank. At this time, pay attention to the salt used, and use winter or Arctic fuel at low ambient temperatures.


6. After the fuel cock is opened, remove air from the system. To this end, loosen the fuel pump nut 1-2 turns, and when opening the resolver, roll the starter until a stable fuel flow without air bubbles appears. Only after these operations are completed can the equipment be considered ready and allow the diesel power station to start.


Manual start.

The existing design algorithm for manually starting small and medium-power diesel engines is to use an electric or mechanical starter to expand the engine crankshaft. Before turning on the equipment, confirm that the automatic device or isolating switch that supplies power to the maintenance device has been turned off. Dga start under load is invalid.


General working diagram of the electric starter when it is energized.

1. Check whether the fuel cock is turned on, and turn on the ignition switch, and adjust the corresponding switch to on.


2. Press the resolver to reduce the rolling force of the crankshaft and turn on the starter.


3. After the engine has dialed the maximum number of revolutions, release the disassembler.


It is worth understanding that the time to start the Dga and to start the load are different indicators. The user is allowed to connect only after the engine has warmed up and entered normal working conditions.


Similarly, it is started by a manual starter. To do this, pull the handle until the maximum resistance appears and release it, and repeat the operation 2 to 3 times. Only after that, ignition and large-amplitude powerful blasting were activated, and Dga was started and put into operation. This starting scheme is only suitable for low-power household generator retrofits.


Automatic or remote start.

This equipment operation control system is considered more advanced. If the device is equipped with an automatic backup power source, the diesel generator can be started remotely or automatically without participation.


Automatic backup input allows you to monitor core network settings. When the voltage is disconnected, the automaton issues a command to start the internal combustion engine. In this case, the load will not be connected until the generator enters the required operating mode after warming up.


diesel engine

Using the inverse algorithm, the automatic actuator cuts off the user first, reduces the shaft speed, interferes with the engine, and the load is connected from the central power supply network to realize the unit shutdown. This solution avoids operational errors, which involve human factors. Thereby increasing the working resources of the equipment.


Start boosting at low ambient temperature.

Pay special attention to the incorporation of sulfur dioxide at low temperatures. During frost, the lubricating oil becomes less viscous, increasing the load on the main components of the internal combustion engine. In addition, the supply of cold air will make the combustible ignition ability worse.


In fact, this solution includes:

1. The generator has been kept in hot spare mode. This choice is suitable for industrial-grade installations that can be connected to the current heating system. Warm liquid circulating through a special system can provide the best starting conditions.

2. Facts have proved that the air delivered to the diesel engine is effective and preheated. By using a thermostat, the heating energy is consumed only when starting to enter the working state.

3. In addition, a potassium candle engine that directly preheats the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber has also been promoted.


If technically possible, the diesel generator should be installed in a heating room with a temperature not lower than +5-8°C. In this case, there is no problem with starting in winter.


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