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Precautions for Repairing The Turbocharger of Generator Set

Jul. 27, 2023

The main function of the generator set supercharger is to pressurize the air cylinder, which is called boosting. The function of the supercharger of the generator set is to increase the amount of oxygen intake, so that the diesel can be burned more fully and thus increase the power of the diesel engine. The power of the diesel engine without the supercharger or intercooler will decrease. At the same time, due to the different fuel supply of the high-pressure oil pump of each model, the generator set will be greatly damaged and fuel will be wasted.

generator maintenance

The following issues should be noted during disassembly, assembly, and repair:

1. Before disassembling the turbocharger of the generator set, it is necessary to master the structure of the turbocharger of the dismantled generator set and the precautions pointed out in the cover turbocharger manual.

2. The turbocharger parts of the generator set are mostly small and precise parts, therefore, special tools should be used as much as possible and should not be knocked or knocked randomly.

3. All parts that have been balanced as a whole should be marked when disassembled and aligned according to the markings during assembly to prevent damage to their balance.

4. The disassembled parts should be properly stored to avoid loss.

5. When installing the generator set booster, the flange side of the generator set booster gasket must face the booster.

6. A layer of graphite anti-seize agent should be applied to the exhaust pipe installation bolts before installation.

7. The clearance between various parts of the generator set turbocharger should comply with regulations.

8. Check the position of the oil return port of the generator set turbocharger. After the turbocharger of the generator set is installed on the engine, the return oil port should face downwards or within a range of 30 ° towards the lower position.

9. Wrap polytetrafluoroethylene sealing tape around the oil inlet and return joints, and install these joints onto the bearing housing. The tightening torque of these joints should meet the values required in the following specification table.

10. The turbocharger of the generator set should be lubricated before use. Add 60mL of clean engine oil through the oil hole.

The above content is a few precautions for repairing the turbocharger of the generator set compiled by Dingbo Power for the user of the generator set. When the supercharger of the generator set breaks down or is used for an overhaul period, the supercharger of the generator set should be repaired. If there is anything you don't understand about the diesel generator set, you can consult the professional technicians of Dingbo Power.

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