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Precautions for initial startup of diesel generator

Nov. 09, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment: The correct use of the diesel generator can not only keep the diesel generator working normally and with good performance, but also prolong the life of the diesel generator and reduce the use cost. So what should we pay attention to when starting the diesel generator for the first time?


Before using the diesel generator, the engine oil, fuel oil and coolant of appropriate specifications shall be selected according to the specific operating environment and conditions. The following work shall be done before startup:


1. Conduct an overall inspection on the diesel generator and starting system, and solve the problems found in a timely manner.


2. Check whether the oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, coolant temperature gauge, warning light and other instruments are in normal condition.


3. Check whether the air filter is blocked.

Note: It is never allowed to start the diesel generator (except marine diesel generator) without air filter to prevent early wear of the diesel generator.


4. Check whether the oil level of diesel generator is within the specified range.


5. Check whether the oil level in the fuel injection pump and governor is within the specified range.


6. Check whether the coolant level is within the specified range.


7. Check whether the electrolyte level is within the specified range.


diesel generator

8. The diesel generator has just been put into use, or has been out of service for many days, or the fuel filter has just been replaced. There may be air in the fuel system, so it is necessary to pump oil to exhaust the fuel system.


9. Check whether the electric starting circuit is in normal state.


10. Check whether the electric starting system circuit wiring is correct. Whether the battery is sufficient.


11. All safety guards must be installed in place.


12. Check whether the action of the throttle operating lever is flexible and whether the parking handle of the governor is flexible.


13. The diesel generator has just been started. Before starting, drain the oil stored in the diesel generator.


14. For new engines or diesel generators that have not been used for more than 5 days, the crankshaft shall be rotated for 3~5 revolutions with turning tools before starting.


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