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Precautions For Enterprises To Choose Standby Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 16, 2021

In the current society, almost every enterprise needs to rely on electricity for its daily operations. Without electricity support, the enterprise may not be able to operate. At the same time, it will cause loss of income, worker safety issues, damage to perishables, equipment damage, and many other potential problems. Since electricity is the basic factor of business continuity and disaster recovery plans, today, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will discuss with you how companies should choose suitable standby diesel generator sets?


Generally speaking, there are two situations in the scheme of providing backup power in the event of power failure or power failure. The first is to purchase diesel generator sets by yourself. The second type is the temporary lease of diesel generator sets.


So, what are the benefits of buying a diesel generator set by yourself? They can range from the size of generators that only run basic loads, to highly engineered systems with backup power redundancy. With proper testing and maintenance, you can expect the generator to automatically and quickly provide backup power in the event of a power failure. It also eliminates the need to find temporary generators and the delays associated with delivery. The only disadvantage is the high investment cost.


Especially in the event of a sudden power outage or a sudden increase in power load, renting an industrial emergency backup generator is a challenge even if it is not an overwhelming job. When a large-scale blackout occurs, industrial leased generators will quickly become scarce. Therefore, companies with emergency power plans have little impact on their operations, revenues and profits.


Preparation is the key to ensuring that your business or construction site can get emergency power anytime and anywhere. When formulating and purchasing diesel generator sets, the following items need to be considered:


1. How much emergency generator power is needed?

2. Do you want to power the entire building or only certain critical loads?

3. A power outage may last from one to ten days or more. Which areas of your facility might lose power during this time?


diesel generator

Determine power requirements:

Generally, the maximum power that can be used is marked on the nameplate on the panel of various equipment. The actual usage is usually much lower than the rated value of the panel.


Determine the actual electrical load used by your building by connecting an ammeter to each distribution panel during peak loads. The preferred method is to conduct a two-week load study to determine the maximum load of the switchboard supported by the backup generator. Knowing the maximum actual connected load will improve your ability to purchase industrial generators.


Looking at your utility bill within a few months to get the average usage is another way to verify the actual load. How will industrial backup generators be placed? Once the required load is determined, the kilowatt size of the industrial generator can be determined. Portable generators can be as large as semi-trailers, so placement is an important consideration. The backup generator should be placed as close as possible to the power distribution room to minimize the number of cables required to connect the leased generator.


Safety 1: Industrial backup generators should be placed away from the flow of people. Cable ramps can be used to cover cables passing through sidewalks, but it is best to isolate them from public passages.


Safety 2: Consider placing backup generators and cables in locations that can prevent theft. Copper cables are the main target of thieves.


Electrical connection: Connecting the backup generator cable to the electrical panel is an operation that a certified electrician should perform. Power distribution and connections may vary greatly, requiring professional and competent technicians.


Your power company needs to know the information to make these connections: control panel brand, model, current and voltage magnitude, and phase rotation.


Any electrical drawings can be valuable to industrial rental generator suppliers or people making connections.


The distance from the generator to the power distribution room determines the cable length.


Deliver the required amperes and volts in order to determine and provide the correct cable size.


Generator refueling:

Backup generators may require large amounts of diesel fuel. Your industrial generator supplier can provide you with an estimate of usage. The important factors are:

1. What is the size of the fuel tank for the diesel generator?

2. How many liters per hour does the generator burn at full load and half load?

3. Estimate the number of hours you plan to run the diesel generator each day and multiply it by the estimated hourly combustion rate to determine how many liters the device will consume per day.


When a power outage occurs, backup generators become scarce. Procurement of emergency diesel generators in advance is one of the important steps that need to be taken.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. can help and guide many of the steps mentioned above. If you need help, please let us know and we will provide you with quality products and services. Looking forward to your inquiry, welcome contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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