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Precautions for Electrical Maintenance of Generator Sets

Jul. 27, 2023

The performance of a sudden shutdown of a generator unit is that under normal operating conditions, non human factors cause the unit to suddenly shut down and cannot be restarted. Dingbo Power has found that many customers are somewhat alarmed when encountering sudden shutdown issues, but in fact, as long as you understand how to handle it, you can easily deal with it. Today, Dingbo Power will come to discuss with you what should be paid attention to during electrical maintenance of the generator set?

chinese diesel generator

1. Use the starter to drive the engine. If it can rotate normally, observe whether the camshaft of the fuel injection pump rotates. If it rotates normally, it indicates that the fuel injection pump is faulty. Check whether the operation of the control mechanism is normal. Pull the throttle lever to check whether the connection between the control arm and the longitudinal axis is good.

2. If the fuel injection pump camshaft does not rotate, it may be due to a loose camshaft gear fastening bolt, a broken camshaft, or a gear failure in the gear compartment.

3. If the starter engine cannot run, it indicates an internal fault in the engine. For example, the piston and cylinder are jammed, the crankshaft and bearing are jammed, the plunger of the fuel injection pump is jammed, and the mechanical failure of the valve train occurs. Under normal circumstances, the valve cover should be opened for inspection. If the instrument indicates that the oil pressure is too low or the temperature is too high during operation, it is necessary to carry out maintenance directly based on the specific situation.

Generally speaking, the sudden flameout of a generator set during operation is mainly caused by the fuel cut-off fault of the fuel injection pump, followed by internal jamming of the engine. When encountering this phenomenon, first check whether the fuel injection pump rotates and supplies oil. The second step is to conduct electrical maintenance for the generator set according to the above precautions.

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