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Precautions For Draining Generator Cooling Water

Jul. 16, 2021

 In the process of continuous operation, yuchai generator itself will be fever, so you need to use cooling water for cooling unit, in the water, the external environment temperature is too low, yuchai generator in downtime for temperature drop down to discharge after 15 minutes, rather than stopping emissions immediately, otherwise it will be because of the body and the external environment of the temperature difference is too big. It leads to the deformation of some generator components, and then affects the performance of Yuchai generator.

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And Yuchai generator in the discharge of water must pay attention to the specific situation of the water flow, mainly depends on the flow is downstream or countercurrent, to see the water flow is smaller or faster. If these conditions occur, it means that the cooling water contains impurities that hinder the normal outflow of water. At this time, it is best to remove the water discharge switch and let the cooling water be directly discharged from the body. If it is found that the water is still not smooth, it should be used at this time with iron wire and other hard, fine steel items for dredging, until the flow of water is smooth.


In the end, when the cooling water stopped flowing, we'd better put the yuchai generator to run a few laps, so we can put in the rest of the water, not easy flow of cooling water to wash off with the vibration of the diesel engine, such as is put after the water switch should be opened, so as to avoid the cooling water in a short period of time can't discharge, freezing diesel engine parts accordingly.


If all the diesel cooling water is discharged, we should pay attention to the discharge steps. We must ensure that the cooling water is discharged clean once, so as to avoid unnecessary loss of the residual water to the diesel engine and ensure the normal operation of the Yuchai generator.


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