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Precautions for Cummins Diesel Generator Sets at Low Temperatures

Sep. 06, 2023

Do you know what Cummins diesel generator sets should pay attention to when the temperature is low? The precautions to be taken when using Cummins diesel generator sets at low temperatures are not to use open flames to bake the oil pan of Cummins diesel generator sets. This will cause the oil in the oil pan to deteriorate, even burn, and the lubrication performance will decrease or be completely lost, thereby exacerbating machine wear. Low pour point oil should be used in winter. If it is winter, light diesel with low pour point and good ignition performance should be selected. Due to the low air temperature in winter, the fluidity of diesel fuel will decrease, causing an increase in viscosity, making it difficult to spray, resulting in poor atomization and insufficient incineration, leading to a decrease in the power of Cummins diesel generator sets.

Cummins 250 kw diesel generator

The general requirement is that the freezing point of diesel fuel should be 7-10 ℃ lower than the current low temperature of the local season. After the Cummins diesel generator unit shuts down, if the water temperature is below 60 ℃ and the water is not hot to the hand, then shut down and discharge the water. When the body is suddenly invaded by cold air at high temperatures, it will suddenly shrink and appear cracked. The water needs to be thoroughly drained. The air filter cannot be removed for heating, resulting in wear of components such as pistons and cylinders. In winter, the temperature is low, and the Cummins diesel generator set cools excessively during operation. Therefore, insulation is the key to using diesel generators well in winter.

In the northern region, Cummins diesel generating sets used in winter should be equipped with insulation sleeves and insulation curtains, and other cold protection equipment. The abnormal starting method of starting without water (starting first, then adding cooling water) is often used. This practice can cause serious damage to the machine and should be stopped from being used. The preheating method is to first cover the insulation blanket on the water tank, open the drain valve, continuously inject clean soft water at 60-70 ℃ into the water tank, touch the drain valve with your hand to feel hot, then close the drain valve, fill the water tank with clean soft water at 90-100 ℃, and rotate the crankshaft to properly lubricate the moving parts before starting.

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