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Points To Note When Using Electronically Controlled Diesel Generators

Jul. 14, 2021

The problems that users should pay attention to when using electronically controlled diesel generators are as follows:


1. Go to a regular gas station to fill up with clean fuel that meets the standards. Otherwise, fuel impurities will cause the precision parts (expensive) of the diesel generator's fuel supply system to be blocked or damaged, causing unnecessary losses.


2. Check the oil-water separator regularly to remove the accumulated water and prevent it from entering the common rail fuel system.


3. When the diesel generator is running, the diesel pressure of the common rail fuel system is between 160.0~200.0MPa, and any disassembly will cause harm to the human body.


4. The fuel injector return pipe joint is made of plastic, which is easy to break. Please do not bump or pull the fuel pipe back during maintenance.


5. The high-pressure oil between the high-pressure pump and the fuel injector cannot be removed. If it is improperly removed, the thread of the connector will not be tightly sealed and the parts will be scrapped.


6. In order to prevent air from entering the fuel line, the fuel in the fuel tank cannot be refilled after being empty. If there is air in the fuel line, the fuel line should be deflated through the bleed bolt at the oil-water separator. The common rail system cannot be disassembled. Method to deflate.


7. The diesel generator adopts a turbocharging system. The following five operations are required to be strictly implemented during the use of the diesel generator, otherwise the supercharging system will be damaged. The special requirements are:


diesel engine.jpg

1) The diesel engine should be idling for 1-3min after starting.


2) After the diesel generator is started, it cannot accelerate immediately or press the accelerator pedal violently.


3) Diesel generators must be idling for 1-3min before stalling, but the idling time should not be too long (generally not more than 10min). High-speed stalling is prohibited in non-emergency situations.


4) The turbocharger is a precision product, and it is forbidden to disassemble it privately. If there is any fault, please go to a professional repair center for repair.


5) It is strictly forbidden to use the operation method of "accelerate, flameout, slip in neutral".


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