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Pay Attention To When Adding Coolant To Diesel Generator

Aug. 04, 2021

In the cold winter, the coolant can prevent the diesel generator from condensing, causing the radiator to expand and the cylinder to freeze.


1. Supplementary requirements for coolant in the case of water shortage and overheating. The operating temperature of the diesel generator is too high and the coolant needs to be supplemented. The rational approach is: After the diesel generator runs at low speed for a period of time, the temperature of the coolant drops below 40°C, and then the coolant is added slowly. After a period of time, the cooling liquid reaches above 60°C before loading. When the diesel generator is running, if the coolant is suddenly added, it will cause a sudden drop in local temperature, causing sudden shrinkage, deformation, and cracking.


2.When the generator set is shut down in winter, the coolant cannot be discharged immediately. Because the outside temperature is very low in winter, the coolant temperature of the diesel generator has just been shut down, and the coolant temperature is still high. At this time, once the coolant is added immediately, the outer surface of the cylinder in contact with the water will suddenly cool and shrink, and the temperature in the cylinder is higher, the shrinkage is smaller. In this way, due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cylinder, the cylinder body and cylinder head are deformed and cracked. The correct method of use is: After the diesel generator is shut down, stop it for a while, wait for the coolant temperature to drop below 40°C, and then add the coolant.


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3. When adding coolant, soft water must be used. Soft water refers to water that contains no or less minerals, such as rain water, clean snow water, etc. Hard water refers to water that contains more minerals, such as spring water and well water. For example, diesel generators are directly cooled by hard water, which is easy to produce a large amount of mineral deposits, that is, scale, which seriously affects the heat dissipation effect and causes the temperature of diesel generators to be too high. Therefore, diesel generators must be cooled with soft water.


Hard water can be softened into soft water, which can be used after precipitation. Processing methods include boiling and chemical methods. The boiling method is to use hard water to heat and boil, so that the free calcium and ballast ions in the water form calcium carbonate and carbonic acid precipitation. Wait until the sediment is filtered into soft water. In the chemical method, about 0.7g of soda ash is added to IL hard water, and it can be used after precipitation and filtration. The use of soft water in the diesel generator cooling system can only reduce but not completely eliminate the scale.


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