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Pay Attention To The Valve Guide Of Diesel Generator When Using

Jan. 07, 2022

The working state of the valve guide and the valve of the diesel generator is basically the same, and the following faults often occur:

Question 1: Inner diameter wear is mainly caused by frequent friction between the valve and the air duct.

Question 2: The outer diameter interference disappears.


There are many failures of the valve tube of diesel generators. The former will make the matching gap between the valve and the tube too large, accelerate the wear of the valve and the tube, and bring difficulties to the heat dissipation of the valve. Therefore, when the diesel generator is repaired, the clearance between the valve and the valve must be checked and repaired.


How to check the fit clearance between diesel generator valve and valve tube?

There are two methods for detecting the matching clearance between the valve and the valve tube of the diesel generator: the measurement method and the empirical method.


1. Measurement method.

The method is as follows: Put the valve into the valve guide hole, make the outlet opening higher by about 10mm, and install a dial indicator on the appropriate position in the cylinder body so that the measuring head touches the edge of the valve head. Then push the head of the valve back and forth in the direction of the dial indicator. The approximate gap between the valve and the duct hole is half of the swing difference measured by the dial indicator. The intake valve is between 0.01-0.08mm and the exhaust port is between 0.05-0.10mm.


2. Empirical method.

(1) Coat a small amount of engine oil on the valve and insert it into the catheter. If the valve can fall slowly, the clearance is appropriate.


(2) When the oil is not applied, block the lower end of the catheter with your hand, pull out the valve quickly, feel the suction, and the clearance is suitable.


diesel generator

Common faults of internal diameter abrasion or external interference of valve guides of diesel generators will cause excessive clearance between valves, which will accelerate the wear of valve stems and guides and cause difficulty in heat dissipation. What is the principle of replacement of valve guides for diesel generators?


Principle 1: The valve rod wear does not exceed the limit, but when the valve clearance is too large, it should be replaced.


Principle 2: If the outer circle of the valve tube is worn out and the fit is loose, the pipeline should be replaced.


Principle 3: When the valve wear exceeds the limit, the valve should be replaced and the pipeline should be repaired at the same time.


Principle 4: The selection of a new type of catheter requires that the inner diameter of the catheter is compatible with the size of the valve stem, and there should be a certain amount of surplus between the diameter of the catheter and the diameter of the catheter. The unit area is between 0.025~0.075mm, and each model has specific regulations.


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