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Overhaul Of Silicon Rectifier Generator

Aug. 19, 2023

The silicon rectifier generator is the main power source of the construction machinery powered by the internal combustion engine. When the internal combustion engine is working normally, it needs to supply power to the electrical equipment of the machinery. The excess power is also charged to the battery to ensure that the battery is always in a fully charged state. It has unidirectional conduction characteristics similar to semiconductor diodes, but its conduction can be controlled, so it is a rectifier element with controllable unidirectional conduction characteristics.


I. Precautions for use and maintenance.


1. The silicon rectifier generator must be used in conjunction with a special regulator, and its grounding polarity must be the same as that of the battery, otherwise the silicon diode will be damaged.


2. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the armature and the magnetic field terminal during use of the silicon rectifier generator, otherwise the silicon diode and the regulator will be damaged, and in severe cases, the charging ammeter will be damaged.


3. It is not allowed to test whether the generator generates electricity by grounding the armature terminal and the shell, otherwise the silicon diode will be damaged.


4. After the silicon rectifier generator works for 500h, the bearing grease should be replaced.


5. Always keep the silicon rectifier generator dry and clean, and fasten each wire connector.


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II. Disassembly steps.


1. Use a screwdriver to remove the fixing screws of the brush cover (at the nameplate), remove the fixing screws of the brush holder, and take out the brush and its accessories, as shown in Figure 1.


2. Fix the silicon rectifier generator on a bench vise, use a socket wrench to unscrew the tightening nut of the pulley, and remove the pulley, fan and half-circle key.


3. Use a socket wrench to remove the 3 connecting screws of the front cover and the rear cover.


4. Tap the edge of the front end cap with a wooden stick to remove the front end cap and rotor.


5. Use pliers or a socket wrench to remove the three fixing screws of the stator's three-phase winding lead wires and the three pairs of diode connecting wires, so that the stator and the rear end cover are separated, as shown in Figure 2.


6. Remove the rectifier element board from the rear end cover, as shown in Figure 3.


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