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Output Characteristics of Silicon Rectifier Generator

Aug. 14, 2023

Silicon rectifier generator is a three-phase AC synchronous generator with rotating magnetic poles. The excitation mode is that the generator is separately excited (powered by the battery) because the generator voltage is lower than the battery voltage during startup and low speed; At high speed, the generator voltage is higher than the battery charging voltage, and the generator is self-excited.

Weichai power generator set

When the power switch is turned on, the battery current flows to the excitation coil of the generator through the upper regulator, and magnetic flux is generated around the excitation coil. Most of the magnetic flux forms N pole through the magnetic yoke and claw shaped magnetic pole, then passes through the air gap between the rotor and stator, passes through the teeth and yoke of the stator, then passes through the air gap, enters another claw shaped magnetic pole to form S pole, and finally returns to the magnetic yoke to form a magnetic circuit. A small part of the magnetic flux passes through the air gap next to the stator and between N and s poles, which is called leakage flux.

When the rotor magnetic pole rotates in the stator, the N pole and s pole of the rotor alternately pass through the stator, causing the stator winding to cut the magnetic line of force and generate AC induced electromotive force. The phase difference of the AC electromotive force generated by the three-phase winding is 120 °. The generated one phase AC current can obtain DC power between the positive and negative terminals of the generator after full wave rectification of the diode=phase.

When the output voltage of silicon rectifier generator is kept constant (14V for 12V generator and 28V for 24V generator), adjust its output current and speed to obtain the output characteristic curve. When the speed 77 reaches a certain value, the output current 7 of the generator will not continue to rise, but will tend to a certain fixed value, which is called the current limit value or the maximum output current value. Therefore, the silicon rectifier generator has the capability of self limiting current, which is the most important characteristic of the silicon rectifier generator.

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