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Operational Requirements Of Diesel Generators After Starting

Jul. 20, 2021

There are many problems that should be paid attention to when the diesel generator is running after starting. Please pay attention to.


First, precautions for the use of diesel generator starting system.

1. The starting battery is designed for short-time operation and high current requirements, so the starting time for each use during starting cannot exceed 10s, and the interval between repeated starting is 1min. After three startup failures, you must find out the cause, and restart after troubleshooting. The interval should be more than 5 minutes.


2. When the diesel generator is started, the working device or the suspended gear should be separated from the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to start with load.


3. After the diesel is started, the ignition key should be released immediately to stop the starter.


4. If the starter cannot be stopped after the diesel generator is started, immediately cut off the main power switch or remove the battery ground wire.


5. Check the starter battery and relay every time it runs for a period of time. If necessary, check the wear of the brushes and lubricate the matching parts.


diesel generator

Second, precautions for use when starting the preheating device.

1. The intake air preheating device cannot be used at the same time as the spray cold starting fluid.


2. The daily running time of diesel generators is short, and the air intake preheater should be used cautiously when the battery is insufficiently charged.


3. When the preheating device is normal, if the start fails many times, check the start speed and start oil circuit.


4. When using the preheating device to start under extremely low temperature conditions, it is usually not necessary to increase the throttle to the maximum position, so as to avoid excessive speed and cause poor lubrication and abnormal wear of the diesel generator.


5. The diesel generator should be warmed up after starting (the temperature is 3-5min). At this time, attention should be paid to observe the usage of related instruments.


Third, "Heating" time after starting. After the engine is started, the engine should be slowed down appropriately to keep the diesel generator in a medium-speed "warming up" state, and the coolant temperature can rise to 40-60°C before it can start to work. Use the warm-up time to check the operation of the diesel generator.


1. If you find that the oil pressure indicator does not rise, or the oil pressure count is too low, you should immediately turn off the flame and check.


2. If the air filter is found to be discharged, it indicates that the diesel generator is reversing, and the engine should be turned off immediately, and the cause should be checked and eliminated. Judge whether the diesel generator is working normally based on other sensors. If an abnormality is found, stop and check immediately, and then start it after troubleshooting.


Fourth, the diesel generator stops running.

1. The internal combustion engine of the diesel generator shall not stop suddenly when it is at full load. Under normal circumstances, when the degreasing temperature or coolant temperature is lower than 75°C, it should be idling for 3-5 min (n=800-1000r/min), and when the standby oil temperature or coolant temperature is lower than 75°C. If an emergency stop is required under special circumstances, it should be stopped after unloading as much as possible.


2. When the diesel generator suddenly stops during use (full load working state), we must try to make the crankshaft of the diesel generator rotate quickly to avoid the "cylinder pulling" and "shaft holding" failure of the diesel generator.


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