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Operation Guide For Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 27, 2021

Stable operation of diesel generator sets, sufficient power supply, low failure rate, and no need for major repairs are all users' expectations for diesel generator sets. In fact, the operation of diesel generators is completely determined by the user. If you want the unit to perform well, the user must not be sloppy in operation. Following these operating procedures can greatly avoid failures.


1. Observe the rated power value. The total power consumption of all users connected to the diesel generator set must not exceed the rated value. Maximum power operation can only be operated for a short period of time (for example, at startup). For the whole year, the total processing time shall not exceed the time recommended by the generator manufacturer (such as 500 hours). This will help reduce engine load and avoid premature wear.


2. Control operating parameters. When using the station as the main power source, it is necessary to track the number of engine revolutions, oil pressure level, and coolant temperature. By understanding the basic process, you can respond quickly and prevent emergencies.


3. Troubleshoot in time. It is impossible to use a malfunctioning unit, but in order not to reach this state, it is necessary to respond quickly to the basic symptoms of a diesel generator set. For example, when the noise increases, the vibration increases, or external knocks occur, the unit should be shut down immediately and the cause of these knocks should be eliminated. If the generator has an indicator light or an alarm system, please pay attention to the warning signal and operate according to the instructions. When you encounter a problem that you cannot solve by yourself, seek the help of the generator manufacturer in time.


4. Comply with fueling regulations. Buy fuel from regular manufacturers to ensure its quality. For example, diesel diluted with water can cause not only engine failures, but also serious failures. When the engine is completely stopped, you must fill the fuel tank with fuel, and be careful not to spill the liquid on the shaking parts.


5. Carry out maintenance in time. Please refer to the accompanying manual for the measures to maintain the running state of the diesel generator set and its time schedule. The engine oil must be replaced within the specified time, the filter must be cleaned, and the appearance of the unit must be checked to keep it clean. When the unit runs for 2000 hours and 5000 hours, the user can contact Starlight Power's after-sales service for on-site maintenance.


diesel generator set

If you want to keep the diesel generator set in a good operating condition, in addition to strictly abide by the correct operating procedures, the operator of the set must always stick to his job responsibilities:


1. The operator must master the basic structure of the generator and be able to handle simple faults.


2. The operator must be able to operate and use the generator correctly in accordance with the generator operating regulations.


3. The maintenance of the generator must be done carefully in peacetime, and all parts of the generator, coolant, fuel, and battery pack must be checked frequently to keep it in good condition and ensure that the unit can start generating electricity at any time.


4. When the generator is running, the operator must stick to his post and shall not leave his job without authorization.


5. Each time the generator runs, the operator should carefully fill in the operating conditions and the problems that occur during the operation in the record book, and promptly ask the maintenance worker to deal with it.


6. The fire-fighting equipment equipped in the machine room must be used skillfully. If there is a fire, it can be extinguished in time.


7. During the operation of the generator, no people are allowed to enter the machine room.


Diesel generator set is a kind of equipment with more complicated structure and more expensive. If the user maintains it properly, it will greatly reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. If the set always fails due to operating errors and causes major repairs, the maintenance cost will be very high. Therefore, users must not be sloppy in the process of using diesel generator sets, and must strictly respect the operating procedures.


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