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Methods to Reduce Fuel Pollution of Cummins Generator Set

Aug. 19, 2023

If the Cummins generator set cannot be fully burned, it will not only pose a safety hazard to the operator, but also pollute the environment. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary for everyone to understand how to fully burn Cummins generator sets and reduce environmental pollution. Dingbo power generation equipment believes that it can achieve environmental protection by improving the fuel situation.

cummins power generator

The quality of fuel oil is very important. When foreign oil products have generally used the diesel of Euro V standard, domestic oil products have been reluctant to upgrade to the national standard IV. It is understood that the sulfur content of National IV diesel is 50ppm, while the sulfur content of National III diesel is 350ppm. The difference between the two is a full 7 times. The higher the sulfur content, the more serious the pollution. And the country has been delaying the launch of the national four-standard diesel plan. We always say that the domestic diesel engine technology is not good, but how can the advanced diesel engine be able to exert its original ability if such oil products are added, so if you want to In order for the Cummins generator set to exert its original capacity and reduce pollution, high-quality fuel must be used, so that the fuel can be fully burned and the exhaust gas pollutant content is low.

Cummins generator sets can also use the fuel water mixing method to reduce pollution. This method can only be used for heavy oil, and light oil such as gasoline cannot be used. The principle is that diesel needs to be atomized when burning, and a certain proportion of diesel is mixed with diesel After the water is removed, the diesel and water are emulsified by various methods to form a water-in-oil form. When the diesel is burned in the diesel engine, the temperature in the combustion cylinder of the diesel engine will reach more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. At this time, the water in the diesel It will absorb heat and vaporize, form a micro-explosion effect, regenerate diesel into small particles, increase the combustion rate of diesel, and at the same time emulsified diesel can reduce the maximum combustion temperature. The emulsified diesel oil can ensure that the diesel oil can be fully burned, which not only saves fuel and increases efficiency, but also reduces pollution.

The above are two methods to reduce the pollution of Cummins generator sets, which can effectively reduce the exhaust gas and various harmful substances discharged from Cummins generator sets, reduce environmental pollution, and ensure the safety of the working and production environment.

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