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Method for Diagnosing and Repairing Problems with Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 28, 2023

How should we diagnose any abnormalities or malfunctions when using diesel generator sets? In fact, many times customers can diagnose through some simple methods. This article will introduce Dingbo Power Generation Equipment one by one for your reference.

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1. Listening method: Use a stethoscope or use a metal rod to listen to the sound of each cylinder exploding near the fuel injector body. The normal sound is similar to the sound of metal tapping "dangdang". If there is only a continuous and non crisp sound of 'ho ho', then the fuel supply to the cylinder is too low or it has not caught fire in a timely manner. If the impact is large, it indicates that the fuel supply of the cylinder is too large or the fuel injection time is too early.

2. Color observation method: The diesel generator set is working normally, and the exhaust gas discharged is light gray with a slightly darker load. If black gas is discharged, it indicates incomplete combustion of combustible gas. Exhaust blue smoke indicates that lubricating oil enters the cylinder for combustion. Discharging white smoke indicates that there is water and combustible gas in the diesel that has not been burned, and the exhaust pipe continuously emits abnormal smoke color, indicating that each cylinder is not working properly.

3. Temperature sensing method: In the earliest stage after the start of the diesel generator set (after working for a period of time, the temperature of the rear pipe is very high, and touching it with your hand can cause burns), touch the temperature of the exhaust pipe manifold of each cylinder to identify the working condition of each cylinder. If the temperature of the exhaust manifold of a certain cylinder is higher than that of other cylinders, it indicates that the fuel supply of that cylinder is on the high side; If the temperature is low, the fuel supply of the cylinder is low, or there is no fuel injection or incomplete combustion after injection, or there is no combustion.

4. Pulse method: Use your hand to pinch the high-pressure fuel pipe and feel the pulsation of the fuel injection pump during injection. Low pulsation: cylinders with weak explosive sound and low temperature have less fuel supply; Abnormal explosive sound and high temperature are caused by a decrease in the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injector, poor atomization of the fuel injection, or inability to ignite and completely burn in a timely manner. High pulsation: cylinders with strong explosive sound and high temperature result in high fuel supply; The explosive sound is weak and the temperature is low. The fuel injector roars or the needle valve is stuck.

5. Fuel cut-off method: In order to accurately determine which cylinder has a fault, the high-pressure fuel pipe to the fuel injector iron circuit can be cut off one by one to stop working, in order to observe the changes in the working condition of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set. When cutting off the oil circuit of a certain cylinder, if the diesel engine speed and sound do not change or do not change much, it indicates that the cylinder is working normally. When knocking on the cylinder intermittently or discharging black smoke. When the oil circuit of a certain cylinder is cut off and the fault phenomenon disappears, it indicates that the fault is in that cylinder.

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