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Method Of Diagnosing Cylinder Noise Of Diesel Generator

Dec. 29, 2021

The noise of diesel generator pulling cylinder will reduce its driving force and efficiency. When it is more serious, it will jam the cylinder block and make the diesel engine unable to operate normally. After the cylinder body is strained by the piston, the oil will rush into the combustion chamber, deposit carbon in the combustion chamber, and at the same time, the fuel will leak to the oil pan to dilute the oil. Sometimes, oily fumes and gasping will be seen from the oil outlet. So, how to diagnose and deal with diesel generator cylinder noise?


1. When the diesel generator is running, there is a similar knocking sound, but its noise does not decrease with the increase of the temperature of the diesel generator, which can be preliminarily judged as a cylinder noise.


2. Remove the cylinder head and check the strain on the cylinder wall. Generally, it can be divided into three stages: the initial stage, the middle stage, and the later stage.


Step 1: At first, the sound of the cylinder-pulling diesel generator is not very clear, but there is oil escaping into the combustion chamber, which increases the carbon deposit. The gas leaks into the crankcase during the compression process, causing the oil to deteriorate. The oil fume on the fuel filler port and the crankcase breather rushes in and accelerates it. At this moment, it can be diagnosed as an initial pull cylinder. At this time, check the piston and connecting rod assembly, replace the oil and oil filter element, and clean the oil pan. The running-in after the reassembly can be used for a period of time, the airtightness of the cylinder will be improved, but the power performance is not as good as before the cylinder is pulled.


diesel generator

Step 2: The air leakage of the middle-cylinder diesel engine is more serious, and the abnormal noise of cylinder knocking is obvious. Open the fuel filler cap, a large amount of oily smoke appears, the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, and the idling speed is poor. When the oil is cut off, the abnormal noise is weakened. If it occurs in multiple cylinders, the abnormal sound can be reduced, but it will not disappear when detected by the oil cut method. When pulling the cylinder in the middle section, if the draw marks on the cylinder wall are not deep, you can polish it with oilstone and replace it with the same type of oilstone. The piston of the same quality and the piston ring of the same specification can continue to be used, and the abnormal noise will be greatly reduced.


Step 3: In the later stage, the cylinder pulling and popping sound are obvious, and the power performance is also significantly reduced. As the speed increases, the sound becomes louder and louder, and there is jitter, which may cause the piston to break in the cylinder or damage the cylinder body when it is more serious. In this regard, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring must be replaced.


5 reasons for the roar of diesel generators:

Due to the ignition, delay, delay, and high pressure rise rate of the diesel generator set, the operation of the diesel engine is unstable and the ignition sound is unstable. Accelerate rapidly and make a sharp, continuous, clear and continuous metal knocking sound. Especially when idling or light-load work, it is accompanied by body vibration, the sound is relatively reduced when the load is high and the rotation speed is relatively stable, and the operation is relatively stable. So, what is the reason for the noise of the diesel generator?


Reason 1: The injection angle is too large in advance.


Reason 2: The diesel does not meet the standard requirements, and the cetane number is too low.


Reason 3: The fuel injection volume is too large or the fuel supply interval angle of each cylinder is not uniform.


Reason 4: The atomization quality of the nozzle is very poor.


Reason 5: The operating temperature of the diesel generator is too low.


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