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Method For Checking Tolerances Between Diesel Generator Casing Parts

Mar. 24, 2022

The mechanical equipment shell (cover) components mainly refer to the cylinder. Cylinder head and flywheel housing, etc. Common damage modes of casing (cover) components include casing cracks, thread damage on the casing cover, wear of the casing hole wall, uneven joint surface of the casing (cover), and positional deviation of the casing components. This paper introduces the relevant inspection methods for diesel generator casing (cover) components.


4 inspection methods for diesel generator casing (cover) components.


1. Check the shell for cracks. Whether the shell is cracked. In general, it can be found by intuitively fitting. Since stress tends to concentrate on sharp changes in housing section and on housing bores, it is best to inspect these parts with a magnifying glass. Hidden cracks in cylinders must be found by hydrostatic testing.


2. Check for thread damage. Thread damage occurs at the thread opening, so inspection methods are used to check. Damage must not exceed two buttons. For the inspection of the screw holes, the bolts can be used for threads, and the bolts can be rotated smoothly without loose feeling, otherwise, maintenance should be carried out.


3. Hole wall wear inspection. The wear of the casing hole wall is generally checked by the inspection method. However, for demanding cylinder and other bore wall wear, a cylinder gauge or inner micrometer should be measured to determine its cylindricity and mesh. The wear points of the housing bore and shaft bore can also be checked together. If loose, a thickness specification should be inserted to determine if it exceeds the specified standard.


4. Check the flatness of the combined surface of the casing (cover). Place one by one along the measurement line on the edge of the ruler longer than the plane of the measurement piece, and measure the gap between the edge of the ruler and the plane of the measurement piece with a thickness gauge to determine the flatness of the combined surface of the measurement piece. Two parts combined with each other (such as cylinder block and cylinder head) can also measure the gap with a thickness gauge to determine the flatness of the combined plane of the measuring piece.


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Dingbo Power Tips: For irregular narrow annular planes (such as cylinder bottom planes). When checking its flatness, a tablet must be in contact with the part, and then the gap is measured with a thickness gauge to determine the flatness of the housing assembly.


The three inspection methods for the position tolerance of diesel generator casing are as follows:

The relative positional deviation (called positional tolerance) of diesel generator set housing components may occur after use. It includes positional tolerances such as parallelism, perpendicularity, and coaxiality.


1. Check the shaft parallelism. Shaft parallelism may exceed allowable limits after deformation of mechanical equipment housing parts. There are two ways to measure axis parallelism directly and indirectly.


2. Check the verticality of the shaft. When the rotary handle 6 drives the plunger 3 and the measuring head 8 to rotate 180 degrees in parallel, the difference in the readings of the differential table indicates that the verticality of the cylinder shaft to the hole axis of the main bearing seat is within 70mm and the distance between the plunger and the ball contact of the measuring head The distance is 35mm. When the vertical hole length is 210mm, 210÷70=3, the differential meter reads the verticality of the entire length of the cylinder.


1. Check the coaxiality of the shaft hole. When measuring, touch the ball contact 3 of the equal-arm lever to the surface of the hole to be measured. When the centering shaft 1 is rotated, if the holes are different, the spherical contact of the equal-arm lever will produce radial movement, and the amount of movement will be transmitted to the differential table through the lever, so as to measure the coaxiality of the shaft hole.


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