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Measures To Prevent Internal Leakage Of Generator Fuel Injection Pump

Apr. 14, 2022

The measures to prevent the internal leakage of the 100KW diesel generator fuel injection pump include: ensuring the cleanliness of the diesel oil, strengthening the maintenance of the fuel system, correctly assembling the fuel injection pump, regularly checking the fuel supply of each cylinder, and regularly checking the sealing condition of the oil outlet valve. This article is explained in detail by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a professional diesel generator manufacturer.


1. Ensure the cleanliness of diesel. The characteristics of the diesel engine fuel supply system and the formation of the combustible mixture determine that the diesel engine's filtration requirements for diesel are much higher than those of gasoline engines for gasoline. Therefore, diesel of the required grades should be selected, and at least 48h of precipitation should be passed.


2. Strengthen the maintenance of the fuel system. It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the diesel filter, clean or replace the filter element in time, and clean the fuel tank in time to prevent the impurities in the diesel oil from causing serious corrosion or wear to the plunger and outlet valve of the fuel injection pump.


3. Correctly assemble the fuel injection pump. Before assembly, all parts must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent impurities from adhering to the surface of the mating parts. When disassembling and assembling the plunger and the oil outlet valve pair, take out, install and replace them in pairs. Do not pull out the plunger at will, and mark it if necessary, so as to avoid confusion and cause oil leakage due to the excessively large fitting clearance of the plunger pair. Be careful not to lose or miss the copper washer under the plunger sleeve set screw. Tighten the oil outlet valve seat according to the torque (60-70N·m) specified in the technical manual. Do not overtighten.


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4. Regularly check the fuel supply of each cylinder. Due to the wear of the plunger coupler and the oil outlet valve coupler, the internal leakage of diesel oil will cause the fuel supply of each cylinder to be reduced or uneven, resulting in difficulty in starting the diesel engine, insufficient power, increased fuel consumption, and unstable operation. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the fuel supply of each cylinder of the fuel injection pump to ensure the performance of the diesel engine power. In actual use, the fuel supply amount of each cylinder can be determined by observing the exhaust gas of the diesel engine, the sound of the engine, and detecting the exhaust gas temperature.


5. Regularly check the sealing condition of the oil outlet valve. After the fuel injection pump has been working for a period of time, the wear of the plunger and the working condition of the fuel pump can be roughly judged by checking the sealing condition of the fuel outlet valve, which is beneficial to determine the repair and maintenance method. When checking, unscrew the high-pressure oil pipe joints of each cylinder, and use the hand oil pump of the oil delivery pump to pump oil. If oil flows out of the oil pipe joints at the top of the fuel injection pump, it means that the oil outlet valve is not well sealed (this will also happen if the oil outlet valve spring is broken), if the sealing of the multi-cylinder is poor, the fuel injection pump should be thoroughly maintained and the coupling parts should be replaced.


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