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Maintenance Steps of Diesel Generator Set Lubrication System

Jul. 09, 2021

Many customers know that the diesel generator group lubrication system is very important, but they don't know the importance of maintenance of the diesel generator set lubrication system. Therefore, the Starlight Power Generation is here to introduce the maintenance steps of the diesel generator unit lubrication system, we hope it is helpful:

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1. Choose the suitable oil

In general, the type of lubricating oil in each diesel generator set is specified. Pay attention to this during use, if in the process of use, there is no specified lubricating oil on the instructions, you can choose the proximity of lubricants. Do not use different grades of oil mix.


2. The amount of oil should be appropriate

Every time the diesel generator sets should check the oil surface before booting, and ensure that the oil surface height is within the specified scope.

1) The oil surface is too low: large wear, easy to burn the tile, and pull the tank.

2) The oil surface is too high: oil into the cylinder, combustion chamber carbon deposit, piston ring bond, exhaust is blue.

Therefore, when the crankcase oil is insufficient, it should be added to the predetermined oil level, and find out the cause of its lack; when the oil surface is too high, it should check if there is water and fuel leak in the oil, find out the cause, and add Exclude and replace the oil.

When adding oil, you should use the clean funnel with the screen to prevent impurities from entering the crankcase and affect the normal operation of the diesel generator set.


3. The oil pressure is adjusted

Each diesel generator has its own prescribed oil pressure, such as 4105 and 4135 diesel generator sets, which are 1.5-3 kgf / cm2 (1 kgf / cm2 = 98.0665 kPa).

When booting to the rated speed or medium speed, the oil pressure should rise to a predetermined value within 1 min. Otherwise, the reason should be identified, and the oil pressure is adjusted to the specified value. The generator sets such as 4105, 4135 have pressure regulatory screws, rotate counterclockwise (outward), oil pressure drop; smooth clockwise rotation (to ridiculous), oil pressure rises.


4. Often check the quality of the oil during use

1) Check for mechanical impurities. Checking the mechanical impurities in the oil should be carried out at the heat machine (this day of impurities float in the oil). When checking, the oil roll is taken to see the light, if it is found that there is a small particle on the oil quasi, it is said that the oil contains too much impurities in the oil. In addition, it is also possible to see if there is a granule with a hand-shaped oil to determine if the oil can be used. If the oil is present, it is now black or too much impurities, and the oil and cleaning the oil filter should be replaced.

2) Check for oil viscosity. Checking the viscosity of oil, accurate method is to measure with viscometer. However, the most common method is to put the oil on the finger, if there is a viscous feeling, and there is a phenomenon in the filament, indicating that the viscosity of the organ oil is not enough, indicating that the oil viscosity is insufficient, and the reason should be found and replace the oil.

3) Regularly cleaning lubrication system and replacement oil.

Clean timing:

Regularly clean the oil filter and clean the oil paste, oil passage when replacing the oil.

Cleaning method:

Press the oil in the oil seater (this time the oil is small, the impurity floats in the oil is removed as much as possible to remove the impurity in the oil pot, oil passage and oil filter as much as possible.

Adding mixed oil in the engine oil (15% -20% of kerosene in the oil, or mix by diesel engine: oil = 9: 1), its number is 60% -70% of the lubrication system capacity. should.

Make the diesel generator set at a low speed of 5-8 min, and the oil pressure should be above 0.5 kgf / cm2.

Stop and release mixed oil.

Cleaning oil filter, filter, oil radiator and crankcase, add new oil.


The above are the maintenance step of the Dielectric Power Generator Lubrication System for everyone to organize, in general, to ensure that the diesel generator set lubrication system does not have problems, it must pay attention to its maintenance work, so that the normal operation of the diesel generator set.


Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, welcome send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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