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Maintenance Requirements For The Electrical Control System Of Diesel Generators

Sep. 09, 2021

The maintenance requirements for the electrical control system of diesel generators are as follows:


1.Overhaul the electrical control system. Without permission, it is not allowed to remove the oil pipes connected to electrical equipment, sockets, ECU coolers, and sensors connected to electrical appliances. When the ECU fails, please contact the local repair service station immediately to disassemble, repair or replace it without authorization.


2.It is forbidden to open the ECU cover, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the ECU. There are no repairable parts in the ECU.


3.ECU should be well ventilated, far away from heat sources, and it is forbidden to cover debris and avoid dust accumulation for a long time, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of ECU.


4.The electrical control unit should avoid muddy water splashing and sand collision during driving, avoid corrosive liquids from contacting the ECU and control wiring harness.


5.When using a radio transmitter, please keep it away from the ECU. Vehicles may not work properly in areas with dense electromagnetic waves (such as near TV signal transmission towers). This situation rarely occurs and can be resolved from this area.


6.When removing the wire plug, loosen or press the lock. When installing the wire plug, it should be inserted and locked.


diesel engine

7.During vehicle inspection, avoid collision, stretching, abrasion, scratches, water, oil and other sensors, fuel injectors, electromagnetic induction and other electronic components, and no impact or impact on common rail system components.


8.It is forbidden to open the wire harness protection bellows to prevent the wire harness from stretching, scratching and excessive bending, and it is forbidden to modify the circuit illegally.


9.Electrically controlled diesel engines often fail during use, usually caused by poor circuit contact or disconnection. The terminals and terminals are clean and reliable in contact.


10.Before repairing the fuel system, the battery rail should be dismantled to avoid damage to the parts.


11.Due to the complexity of the wires, you must not be careless in checking and troubleshooting, and dare not disassemble it easily, otherwise it will cause new failures.


12.When repairing the diesel engine, remove the electrical plugs of the EFI system, check the electrical control system, ECU and various sensors, and turn off the ignition switch before unplugging or inserting the relevant plugs. When the ignition switch is connected or the diesel engine is running, do not cut off any connection between the battery and the control circuit without authorization. Otherwise, the ECU will be easily burned due to human faults that will affect the use.


13.When there is no battery, do not use an external starting device to start the diesel engine, so as not to damage the electronic control system.


14.When charging the car battery, the battery must be removed. When installing and replacing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the ignition switch or other electrical equipment, otherwise the control system will be damaged.


15.When arc welding the car body, the positive and negative electrode plugs of the battery should be cut off first to prevent the electronic components from being damaged by the induced pulse voltage.


16.When using the car battery to help other vehicles start, make sure that the ignition switch is turned off or remove the two electrode plugs of the battery, otherwise the ECU of the car will be damaged due to excessive transient voltage.


17.It is forbidden to flush the diesel engine and electrical control components with water.


18.No other electrical equipment shall be added to any wiring harness of the electrical control system.


19.When the battery is damaged or the power supply is interrupted, it is strictly prohibited to use the drag method to start the diesel engine.


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