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Maintenance Requirements For Electronically Controlled Diesel Generators

Aug. 10, 2021

The internal combustion engine electronic control components and wiring harness of the electronically controlled diesel generator must be kept dry, free of water, oil, and dust. The daily maintenance of diesel engine electrical control system should pay attention to the following points:


1. The normal working voltage range of the electrical components of the electrical control fuel injection system is 18-34V, but the battery voltage should be kept between 22-26V as much as possible.


2. Before pulling out the plug-in rod and its sensor or actuator connection, remember to turn off the ignition switch and the main power switch before routine maintenance of the electrical components of the diesel generator.


3. Turn off the ignition switch before turning off the flame. After the ignition switch of the electrical control unit (ECU) is turned off, the operating state parameters of the diesel generator need to be stored for a period of time. It is recommended to turn off the main switch after turning off the ignition switch for 10 seconds, when turning on the power and ignition switch, first turn on the main power switch, and then turn on the ignition switch.

diesel generator


4. Frequently wipe the oil and dust accumulated on the wiring harness of the diesel generator with a clean soft cloth, and keep the wiring harness and its connection with the sensor or actuator dry and clean, after the electrical control diesel engine is repaired, if the high-pressure fuel pipe or exhaust air is replaced, the oil spilled on the plug of the oil pump should be used immediately with a soft cloth.


5. It is strictly forbidden to directly flush the electronic control components of the diesel engine with water. When electrical components are accidentally exposed to water, if the control unit (ECU) or cables are wetted or soaked in water, the main power switch should be turned off first, and the maintenance personnel should be notified immediately for handling. Do not operate the diesel engine by yourself.


6.Pay attention to the maintenance of the entire equipment circuit. If the wiring harness is found to be aging, poor contact or peeling off, repair and replace it in time. However, the damage of the sensor itself must be fully replaced by professional maintenance personnel, and it cannot be simply docked or maintained in the car. When performing electric welding operations, be sure to turn off the main power supply and unplug all the plugs of the ECU.


7. All connectors are made of plastic materials. When installing or unplugging, it is forbidden to perform brutal operations, make sure that the locking positioning device is inserted in place and there is no foreign matter in the socket.


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