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Maintenance Requirements for Electronically Controlled Diesel Engines

Dec. 07, 2023

Compared to traditional mechanical fuel systems, electronic fuel systems have high requirements for fuel cleanliness and moisture content. Unclean fuel can cause pitting corrosion inside the common rail, as well as abnormal wear and tear of moving parts and precision components, shortening their service life.

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In the daily maintenance process of the electronic control system of an electronically controlled diesel engine, it is crucial to keep the electronic control components and wiring harnesses of the diesel engine dry, dry, oil-free, and dust-free. In addition, it is necessary to properly store all fuel system pipelines during disassembly and installation to avoid contamination. Specific attention should be paid to the following 7 aspects:

1. Before unplugging or plugging in the connectors and their sensors or actuators, remember to first turn off the ignition switch and power main switch before carrying out daily maintenance operations on the electrical part of the diesel engine.

2. Before turning off, the ignition switch should be turned off first. Because the electronic control unit (ECU) needs to store the operating status parameters of the diesel engine for a period of time after the ignition switch is turned off, it is recommended to turn off the ignition switch for 10 seconds before disconnecting the main power switch. When connecting the power and ignition switch, the main power switch should be turned on first, and then the ignition switch should be turned on.

3. The normal working voltage range of the electrical components of the electronic fuel injection system is 18-34V, but the battery voltage should be kept between 22-26V as much as possible.

4. It is strictly prohibited to directly flush the components of the electronic control part of the diesel engine with water. When the electrical part accidentally gets wet or soaked in water, such as the control unit (ECU) or wiring, the main power switch should be cut off first, and maintenance personnel should be notified immediately to handle it. Do not operate the diesel engine on your own.

5. Regularly wipe the accumulated oil and dust on the diesel engine wiring harness with a clean soft cloth, and keep the wiring harness and its connection with sensors or actuators dry and clean. After repairing the electronic control diesel engine, if the high-pressure oil pipe is replaced or the air is drained, the oil splashed on the oil pump connector should be immediately sucked dry with a soft cloth.

6. All connectors are made of plastic material, and rough operation is prohibited during installation or removal. It is necessary to ensure that the locking positioning device is inserted in place and the socket is free of foreign objects.

7. Pay attention to maintaining the entire vehicle circuit, and promptly repair and replace the wiring harness if it is found to be aging, poor contact, or peeling of the outer layer. But when the sensor itself is damaged, it must be replaced as a whole by professional maintenance personnel, and cannot be simply docked or repaired on the vehicle by oneself. When performing welding operations, be sure to turn off the main power and unplug all plugs on the ECU.

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