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Maintenance Periods of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 27, 2018

List of Maintenance Periods of Diesel Generator Set

Check-up items

Per Day

50   Working hours or per month

250   working hours or every 3 months

400   working hours or every 6 months

600   working hours or every 1 year

1200   working hours or every 2 years

Check   lubricating oil and water level

Check fuel filter

Check the cleaning indicator of the air filter

Check starting battery

Exchange   engine oil and engine oil filter

Check V-type belt tension force

Adjust valve clearance

Clean   exhaust pipe of the crankcase

Check vitality pipe and connection

Exchange fuel oil filter

Analyze   cooling water content

Check/maintain vitality system

Check cooling water system

Engine   adjustment

Check the rotation speed of diesel engine, it should be adjusted immediately

Adjust and calibrate the valve clearance of engine

Check fuel oil system

Check   turbocharger system

Clean cooling system and exchange thermostat

Check air filter. It should be exchanged immediately

If   necessary



1. The maintenance period of the diesel generator set is calculated according to the working hours and calendar time and subjected to the first satisfaction of the regulations between the both.

2. The clients shall performance overhauling and maintenance in advance according to the actual running state of the diesel generator set. The maintenance period and items of the engine shall be appropriately adjusted according to performances such as: purpose, use state, fuel oil as well as lubricating oil, etc.

1. The requirement of standby diesel generator set is to keep rapid good starting and inputting standby state. Therefore, it is required to perform regular overhauling and following test running.

Maintenance and test running of engine

Run for 5-10 minutes under appropriate load each week

Run for 5-30 minutes under appropriate load each week




Starting performance, lubricating oil pressure, exhaust, smoke as well as vibration, etc.

4. Implications of the symbols listed in the aforementioned form:

: Overhauling, cleaning as well as adjustment

: Replacement of standby products

: When the customer can not perform overhauling voluntarily, he can contact the manufacturer behind the supplier.

□ New type, overhaul and long-term seal up for safekeeping diesel generator sets, overhauling items needed to be performed after the initial 50 working hours.

Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil and Cooling Water for Machine Set

12.1. Regulations on usage of fuel oil

1. When the ambient environment is 535, 0,-10 light diesel oil can be used. 10 light diesel oil also can be used in the southern area and -20, -30 light diesel oil can be used in the cold area in the northern area in winter;

2. It shall be used after the fuel oil precipitates for 72 hours and the precipitation time shall not be less than 24 hours;

3. If the fuel tank is placed outside the room, there should measures for preventing rain and dust;

4. It’s not allowed to use disqualified fuel oil or use it not according to the regulations.

12.2 Regulations on Usage of Lubricating Oil

The first function of the engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts. The engine oil forms hydraulic oil slick among the metal surfaces and prevents the metal components from directly being contacted and reduce friction, when the oil slick is not sufficient to avoid directly contacting the metal parts, the following situations will occur: friction generates heat, generates bonding and metal transfer will cause abrasion or obstruction.

Therefore, when selecting the engine oil, the attention should be given to the following matters:

1. 15W/4 D level engine oil can be selected for general machine sets, some imported or joint venture’s diesel generator sets such as: Cummins, Volvo as well as Perkins, etc. should use SAE15W/40 and the engine oil with performance grade satisfying API and CF-4.

2. As for new machine or overhauled machine, all the engine oil should be exchanged after running for 50 hours. More, it is necessary to cleanse or exchange engine oil cleaner and cooler;

3. Different brand engine oils can not be used mixedly.

12.3 Regulations on Usage of Cooling Water

This regulation is applicable to all series of diesel generator sets. The cooling water cycle system of the diesel generator set is one of key machine sets. For the preparation and usage of the cooling water, it arouses the user’s enough emphasis. Otherwise, the severe cooling water scale is caused the circulation area become small, the performance is undesirable and the diesel engine become exceptionally cold and hot sometimes, and a series faults such as abnormal abrasion at the early period, etc. will be led to the diesel engine.

1. Requirements for Cooling Water

The most appropriate cooling water is softening, and complies with PH value: 6-8.5; hardness:

0.7-5.3meq calcium; magnesium ion/liter; chlorine ion: 150 mg/liter. Generally speaking, the purified rain water, running water or river water can be taken. It is prohibited to directly use well water, spring water and other hard water with content of high salt and high alkaline. If the user’s condition is restrained, the hard water can be used after treatment.

2. Hard Water Softening Processing Methods:

Boiling method, distillation method as well as chemical treatment

diesel generator set

Several Requirements for Machine Room

1. Environmental Requirements for Machine Set Installation

1.1 The machine set shall be installed inside the machine room with good ventilation and environmental conditions quite close to the main electric equipment. The machine room shall be provided with ventilation facilities and exhaust surface wrapped thermal insulation materials to reduce thermal radiation;

1.2. There should be no conductive and corrosive gas inside the machine room;

1.3. There should no flammables and explosives surrounding the machine room;

1.4. The machine room should be equipped with lightning protection facilities;

1.5. Considerations shall be given to the fire control, overhaul and safety passage in the machine room;

1.6. Measures for noise elimination, shock attenuation, daylighting, accumulated sewage as well as discharge.

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