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Maintenance Of Yuchai Generator Inlet And Exhaust System

Nov. 29, 2021

The intake and exhaust systems of the 150kw Yuchai generator are the entire intake and exhaust systems including the supercharging system. The focus of the diesel engine's intake and exhaust systems is the exhaust gas turbocharging system. More and more turbochargers are used in modern diesel engines, which can increase diesel engine power and improve economic performance.


The method of using the exhaust energy of a 150kw Yuchai generator to drive an exhaust gas turbocharger to achieve a diesel engine intake boost is called exhaust gas turbocharging of a diesel engine. The exhaust gas turbocharger of diesel engine (referred to as turbocharger) consists of two main components: turbine and compressor, as well as impeller shaft and bearing, lubrication system, cooling system, seals, heat insulation device, etc. Diesel exhaust gas turbocharging system.


1. The function of the intake and exhaust system. The intake and exhaust systems provide clean air for the diesel engine and exhaust combustion exhaust gas out of the diesel engine.


2. The composition of the intake and exhaust systems. The intake and exhaust systems are important auxiliary systems of diesel engines, and their main components include:

(1) Non-supercharged diesel engine: air cleaner, intake pipe, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, exhaust muffler, exhaust after-treatment device (such as three-way catalytic converter, etc.) and exhaust pipes.


(2) For supercharged diesel engines, in addition to the above-mentioned parts, there are superchargers, intercoolers and other components.


diesel generator set

3. Main points of maintenance for intake and exhaust system. The main point of the maintenance of the intake and exhaust system is to ensure sufficient intake and unobstructed exhaust. To this end, Starlight Power reminds you that you must do the following:


(1) Never let unfiltered air enter the cylinder. This requires the vacuum section of the intake system must be absolutely sealed, and there must be no leaks or other damaged points that cause air to enter the cylinder without being cleaned.


(2) On the premise of ensuring the quality of intake air, reduce the intake resistance as much as possible. This requires that the intake pipe must not have too many elbows or right-angle turns, the flow area of the intake pipe should be large enough, and the air filter must have a good filtering effect and not have too much resistance.


(3) Ensure that the exhaust system passage is completely unobstructed, and reduce the exhaust system resistance as much as possible. This requires that the pipeline of the entire exhaust system should not be too long or have too many elbows or right-angle turns, let alone cause blockage of the exhaust system.


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