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Maintenance Of Vortex Air Filter System Of Diesel Generator

Nov. 04, 2021

The vortex air filtration system for diesel generators is commonly used in construction machinery and equipment. Due to the relatively harsh environment of construction machinery and equipment, the maintenance requirements for air filters are relatively strict.


1. Coarse filter element. Every 100 to 200 hours of operation, remove the coarse filter element, and use compressed air (or air pump) to blow off the dust in the swirl tube and attached to the shell. If the individual blades of the vortex tube are damaged, the vortex effect will be lost, and it can be used temporarily for a period of time after being blocked.


2. Main filter element and safety filter element.

(1) When the diesel engine works for 100-200 hours, take out the paper filter element, tap its end face lightly to make the dust attached to the surface of the filter element fall off through vibration, or use a soft brush to brush back and forth at the crease of each filter element, compressed air ( Pressure ≤ 0.5MPa) blow from the center of the filter element to remove the dust on the filter element.


(2) The maintenance method of the safety filter element is the same as above.


(3) When removing and repairing the filter element, prevent the filter element from being damaged. When the filter paper is damaged or perforated, the filter element should be replaced in time. If there are no spare parts for the filter element, the individual damaged parts can be temporarily sealed with tape or paper.


(4) When installing the filter element and the safety filter element, the end faces at both ends must be sealed reliably, and no air leakage is allowed.


(5) It is strictly forbidden to clean the filter element or contact the filter element with oil, water and other liquids. If oil, water and other liquids adhere to the surface of the filter element, the performance of the diesel engine will deteriorate and the power will be insufficient. If the performance of the filter element cannot be improved or damaged after cleaning, the filter element should be replaced with a new one.


generator set

3. Jet pipe.

(1) Ensure that the connection between the spray hose, the coarse filter dust chamber and the exhaust tail pipe is reliable and sealed.

(2) After 500-100oh operation, pay attention to observe whether the tail pipe elbow and injection pipe throat have damaged holes. Once found, the exhaust tail pipe should be repaired or replaced immediately, otherwise it will seriously affect the filtering effect of the air filter


4. Other usage requirements.

(1) The connecting pipe between the outlet of the air filter and the intake manifold, and the connection between the exhaust tail pipe and the muffler should be sealed reliably.

(2) When disassembling the air filter, pay attention to whether the sealing gasket between the cover and the end face of the filter element is intact, replace it in time, and tighten the clamping bolt of the air filter.

(3) Tighten the wing nut on the top of the air filter to ensure that all air is filtered out by the filter element. 4. The air filter should be firmly fixed on the intake pipe.


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