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Maintenance of Emergency Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 30, 2023

According to the understanding of the application of diesel generator sets in residential areas, the maintenance and management of diesel generator sets for fire standby power supply is not in place in the current equipment use. In many cases, diesel generator sets can operate normally after installation, but over time, equipment becomes unusable due to negligence in maintenance.

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Let's take a look at the maintenance highlights compiled by the diesel generator set manufacturer Starlight. For emergency diesel generator sets, pay more attention to the maintenance of the following components

(1) Maintenance of starting battery: Due to the less power supply of standby diesel generator put into use. Whether the diesel generator can start normally depends on the maintenance of the battery. If the maintenance of the battery pack is ignored, the battery may be insufficient, causing the generator to fail to start normally, and it cannot be guaranteed that the standby power supply will be automatically activated within 30 seconds, causing other accidents. When encountering a fire in a high-rise building, the secondary water supply pressurization does not operate when there is no power supply to start, resulting in insufficient water pressure and no water, leading to increased fire losses. The common situation is that there is voltage, but the current is insufficient to drive the coupling and cannot be started. At the same time, the battery pack has insufficient current and cannot be stopped. It is required to equip a floating charge charger device that matches the voltage and other phase levels to ensure normal charging and shutdown of the charging device. Regularly check the liquid level of the starting battery pack and replenish it in a timely and correct manner to ensure a normal liquid level. Keep the battery pack clean. If it is found that the startup battery pack fails or other reasons cannot normally start or stop the standby power supply, the battery pack should be replaced in a timely manner.

(2) Maintenance of the starting solenoid valve: Regularly inspect the surface of the starting solenoid valve for oil contamination. Check whether the contacts are ablated to keep the solenoid valve in good working condition. The judgment can be made by listening to the sound when starting. Under normal circumstances, when the start button is pressed, it can be started after 3s. "Click, click" sound can be heard within this 3s. If the second sound is not heard, it indicates that the solenoid valve is damaged, and the generator cannot start. After replacing the solenoid valve, it can be started.

(3) Attention shall be paid to the inspection of diesel and engine oil: Due to the long-term static standby state of the unit, various materials of the unit itself may undergo complex chemical and physical changes with engine oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc., resulting in corrosion of the plunger of the high-pressure oil pump, poor oil supply of the unit, and thus the normal startup and operation of the unit may not be possible. So as to "release" the unit. Therefore, attention should be paid to the problem of oil. Therefore, the standby emergency generator unit should be regularly maintained, inspected, and started for testing to ensure its good condition.

According to different regions and urban supply and distribution designs, various civil high-rise buildings are equipped with diesel generators in various models and sizes, making it impossible to establish unified standards for maintenance. In addition, different maintenance, maintenance, and management systems are developed based on specific situations and different uses.

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