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Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set Engine Difficult to Start

Sep. 02, 2021

The starter and engine of the diesel generator set have normal starting speeds, but do not catch fire; or sometimes it may catch fire after many long periods of starting. So, how to overhaul and operate the diesel generator set engine when it is difficult to start? In this article, Starlight power generation equipment is a brief analysis for you.

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Check the oil circuit. If there is no fault code, the first consideration is the failure of the diesel generator set, and the difficulty of starting should first think of the oil circuit. If you have air in the oil pipe, it will cause starting difficulty. It is relatively difficult to exhaust air from the oil circuit of the common rail system, because the emptying capacity of the hand oil pump is small, it takes a long time, and it is laborious. Often maintenance personnel sometimes feel that the air has been exhausted, but the air is still not completely exhausted. According to the actual situation, such cases are not rare. You can try to loosen the oil pump return paper plug to exhaust air. If necessary, loosen the high-pressure oil pipe and use the starter to drive the engine idling to exhaust air. This will be much faster, but at this time, be careful not to wet the wiring harness connectors with the fuel.

If it is determined that there is no air, then it is necessary to consider whether the fuel line is blocked, preferably from the fuel tank, fuel inlet pipe, oil-water separator, fuel transfer pump, diesel filter, high-pressure fuel pump, high-pressure fuel pipe, fuel injector, return Check the oil pipe all the way carefully, and remove the blockage if there is any blockage; in another case, if the inner diameter of the oil inlet hose or the oil return hose is too thin or too long, the oil inlet and return are not smooth, and the more serious ones will also cause the engine Difficult to start or unable to start. At this time, you need to replace the inlet and return pipes that meet the requirements, and the inner diameter is preferably 12mm or more. If it is confirmed that there is still no blockage, then check the entire oil circuit for leaks.

Check the circuit. First check whether the ECU has electricity, it will definitely not start without electricity. Another important issue is that the oil pump of the Denso system has two PCV valves. If these two valves are plugged in the wrong position, they will not start, and the fault code will not be reported. First, identify the mark on the plug-in line. Marked on the flywheel shell surface. If the mark has fallen off, just change the two plugs and try again. If it can be started, it means that the PCV valve is plugged in reverse.

Check the installation angle of the oil pump. If it still cannot be ruled out, then consider whether there is a problem with the fuel supply time, check the installation angle of the oil pump or check whether the flywheel is originally equipped with a flywheel.

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