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Maintenance Of Diesel Engine Intake And Exhaust Pipes

Aug. 19, 2023

The role of the diesel engine intake pipe is to supply sufficient fresh air to each cylinder according to the working order of the diesel engine. The intake pipe is generally cast with cast iron or aluminum alloy. The intake pipe and the exhaust pipe are installed on both sides of the cylinder head respectively. If they are assembled on one side, the high temperature of the exhaust pipe will be transmitted to the intake pipe, resulting in a decrease in the density of the air entering the cylinder and affecting the intake air volume. At the same time, in order to reduce the air circulation resistance, the inner wall of the intake pipe is generally made relatively flat and smooth.


When maintaining the intake and exhaust pipes of diesel generator sets, the internal carbon deposits and colloids should be removed first by scraping with a wire brush or a blunt file, or the intake and exhaust pipes can be soaked in a chemical solution for 2 hours. Soften the carbon deposits and then remove them. The formula of the chemical solution is to add sodium hydroxide per liter of water, commonly known as caustic soda 25g, sodium carbonate soda ash 35G, and water glass 1.5G. After the carbon deposits are soaked and removed, rinse them thoroughly with water, if possible. Dry with compressed air.


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When removing the carbon deposits inside the muffler of the diesel generator set, the muffler should be removed, and the shell should be tapped lightly with a mallet to make the carbon deposits fall off due to vibration. If there is too much carbon deposition, you can disassemble one end, remove it with a handle wire brush, and then weld and repair it.


If there are cracks in the intake and exhaust pipes, they should be repaired by gas welding or electric welding. The inside of the pipeline should be clean and smooth. If there is a crankcase ventilation check valve, it should be cleaned. The warpage of the assembly plane should be measured over the entire length. The diesel generator set shall not exceed 0.5mm, and the four-cylinder diesel generator set shall not exceed 0.2mm, otherwise, it should be repaired or corrected.


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