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Maintenance Of Common Problems Of Generator Shaft

Aug. 19, 2023

The motor shaft is one of the important parts of the motor. It is the main part that transmits torque and drives the rotation of various parts of the rotor. The motor shaft must have sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity to complete the transmission of motor power, so that the motor does not vibrate or rub against the stator and rotor during operation.


The common damage phenomena of the rotating shaft include the bending of the rotating shaft head, the wear of the rotating journal, and the crack of the rotating shaft. Most of the damages are caused by improper use, except for the manufacturing quality itself. For example, it is very easy to cause damage to the shaft if there is no need for special tools to be knocked hard during disassembly, and improper force is applied during knocking.


1. The shaft head is bent.

The bending of the shaft can be checked with a dial indicator at the top of the lathe. If the bending is not large, in order to eliminate the influence of bending on the rotor core segment, the rotating journal, slip ring and commutator can be polished. The core section of the rotor can also be polished in small motors, but the increased gap value between the rotor and the stator should not exceed 10% of the normal gap.


If the bending value of the rotating shaft is so large that it cannot be eliminated by processing the shaft journal and the parts on the rotating shaft, it can be corrected on a press, or an electric welding machine can be used to weld a layer on the surface of the curved part evenly, and then put on a lathe to remove the outer surface of the rotor. Use the circle as the benchmark to find the center, turn it into the required size, and check it with a dial gauge.


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2. Rotation journal wear.

After the rotating journal is worn, a layer of chrome can be plated on the rotating journal and then ground to the required size. If there is more wear, it can be repaired by surfacing welding. If the wear is too large, the sleeve shrink-fit method can be used. Carve 2~3mm away from the shaft neck, and then car a suitable sleeve, heat the sleeve and insert it while it is hot, and finally finish the car.


3. The shaft is broken.

For the shaft with cracks, if the crack depth does not exceed 10%~15% of the shaft journal, and the length does not exceed 10% of the shaft length (for the longitudinal direction) or does not exceed 10% of the circumference (for the transverse direction), remedy with surfacing hair.


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