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Maintenance Method of Lubricating Oil System of Diesel Generator

Nov. 20, 2020

Today Starlight Power manufacturer shares how to maintenance lubricating oil system of diesel generator, hope it is helpful to you.

In order to let diesel generator set work normally, we need to pay attention to some items as follows:

1.Select suitable lubricating oil.

In general, every diesel engine manual requires the type of lubricating oil for diesel engine. If we can not buy a same type of lubricating oil required in the manual, we can buy a similar brand lubricating oil. Remember do not use different  lubricating oil.

2.Check the quality of engine oil during the use of diesel generator set.

A)Check mechanical impurities in engine oil when heating engine, take out the oil dipstick for inspection. If there are fine particles on the scale or the scale line cannot be seen clearly, it means that there are too many impurities in the oil. The oil should be replaced and the oil filter should be cleaned.

B)To check the oil viscosity, it is commonly used to twist the oil on the fingers. If there is a feeling of stickiness and stretching, it indicates that the oil viscosity is appropriate, otherwise it means that the oil viscosity is not enough. The accurate inspection method is to use the viscometer to measure.

 electric generators

3.The oil quantity should be appropriate.

Check the oil level before each startup to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range. When the oil level is too low, it is easy to burn the bush and pull the cylinder. The engine oil should be added in time, and the oil level should be within the specified range. When the oil level is too high, it is easy to cause the engine oil to enter the cylinder, the combustion chamber will deposit carbon, the piston ring will stick, and the exhaust will emit blue smoke. At this time, check whether there is water and fuel leakage in the engine oil, find out the causes, eliminate and replace the oil.

4.The oil pressure should be adjusted properly.

Each type of diesel engine has its own specified oil pressure. When the engine is started to rated speed or medium speed, the oil pressure should rise to the specified value within 1 minute, otherwise, the cause should be found out. Generally, diesel generator has oil pressure regulating screw, we can adjust it according to different specifications.

5.Clean the lubrication system and change the oil regularly.

A)The oil filter is cleaned regularly; the oil basin and oil passage are generally carried out when the oil is changed.

B)Cleaning method:

Drain the engine oil when the engine is hot, so as to remove the impurities in the oil pan, oil passage and oil filter as much as possible. Put the mixed oil (15% ~ 20% kerosene or diesel oil: engine oil = 9:1) in the oil pan, the suitable quantity is 60% ~ 70% of the capacity of the lubrication system, run the diesel engine at low speed for 5 to 8 minutes (oil pressure above 0.5 kgf/cm2), then shut down, drain the mixed oil, clean the oil filter, filter screen, oil radiator and crankcase, and add new oil.


If the oil pressure is too high, the oil circuit is easy to leak and crack; if the oil pressure is too low, the oil supply will not be smooth, resulting in poor lubrication and increasing wear of diesel engine. Similarly, too low or too high oil temperature will also bring adverse consequences. Too high oil temperature will cause oxidation and deterioration of engine oil, decrease of viscosity, unreliable lubrication and increase of wear of parts; if oil temperature is too low, viscosity will increase, friction resistance will increase, and oil cooling effect will be poor.


6.Replace the oil filter element and oil filter regularly.

Replace or clean the filter element and filter screen regularly, and pay attention to cleaning the lubricating oil circuit. The replacement cycle of these materials is different for filter elements and filters of different quality and in different service environments. In addition to referring to the service life specified by the product itself, in the maintenance and maintenance process of the lubricating system, if the quality of the engine oil becomes poor or the working condition of the diesel engine is deteriorated due to engine oil, it is necessary to check whether the filter element or filter needs to be replaced.


The engine oil will deteriorate after using for a period of time and cannot be used again. Under normal circumstances, the oil, oil filter element or oil filter must be replaced within 50 hours of the new machine. After the running in period, the engine oil is generally changed once every 300 hours.


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