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Maintenance Knowledge Of Silent Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 03, 2021

In recent years, based on the advantages of silent diesel generators with low noise, built-in large-capacity fuel tanks, easy transportation, high reliability, high safety, and convenient movement, some units with stricter noise requirements have begun to widely use silent diesel power generation. The silent generator set not only reduces the noise generated by the generator set, but also can be placed outdoors. The silent box itself is like a house, sun-proof, rain-proof, and dust-proof, saving people the trouble of having no place to build a machine room. However, the silent diesel generator set is the same as the ordinary diesel generator set, and it also needs regular maintenance. The following Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce you some maintenance knowledge of silent diesel generator set that users must know.


1. Cooling system

The user should keep the coolant level of the silent diesel generator set higher than the working level, and increase it when it is insufficient. Once the cooling system fails, the following results are easily caused:


(1) The cooling effect is not good and the water temperature in the unit is too high, resulting in shutdown.


(2) The water tank leaks and the water level in the water tank drops, and the unit will also fail to operate normally.


2. Fuel/air distribution system

If there is no maintenance for a long time, the increase in the amount of coke deposits will affect the fuel injection rate of the fuel injector, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, uneven fuel injection from each cylinder of the engine, and unstable operating conditions.


diesel engine

3. Battery

If the battery is not maintained for a long time, the electrolyte moisture will be compensated in time after evaporation, and the battery charger is not equipped to start the battery, and the battery power will be reduced after a long-term natural discharge.


4. Engine oil

Engine oil has a certain shelf life. If it is not used for a long time, the physical and chemical functions of the engine oil will change, which will cause the cleanliness of the unit to deteriorate during operation and cause damage to the unit's parts.


5. Fuel tank

When water enters the diesel generator set, the water vapor in the air will condense when the temperature changes, forming water droplets that hang on the inner wall of the fuel tank. When the water droplets flow into the diesel, the water content of the diesel will exceed the standard. After entering the high-pressure oil pump of the engine, the precision coupling parts will be corroded, which will seriously damage the unit.


6. Three filters

During the working process of the diesel generator set, oil or impurities will be deposited on the wall of the filter screen, and the passed impurities will reduce the filter function of the filter. If the deposit is too much, the oil circuit will not be dredged. When the equipment is working, it will be unable to supply and cannot be used normally.


7. Lubrication system, seals.

Due to the chemical properties of lubricating oil or oil ester and the iron filings that occur after mechanical wear, these not only reduce its lubricating effect, but also damage other parts. At the same time, because lubricating oil has a certain corrosive effect on rubber seals, it will also make it aging and reduce the sealing effect.


8. Line connection

If the silent diesel generator set is used for a long time, the line joints may become loose, and regular inspections are required.


The above is some maintenance knowledge of silent diesel generator set. Correct maintenance and maintenance are of great significance to reduce the failure rate of the unit and extend the service life of the unit. If the problem is ignored in the maintenance step, the user may spend much higher maintenance funds than the budget. Therefore, in order to reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise, the user must do the correct maintenance work.

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