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Maintenance Contents Of Generators

Aug. 15, 2023

The technicians in the diesel generator repair shop have been very experienced in daily work, including the maintenance of generators. Maintenance contents include:


(1) It can improve the dielectric strength of insulating materials and the ability to prevent oil and water erosion.


(2) The number of layers and transition of hand wrapped insulation shall be appropriate. After each layer of half winding and binding, the insulation paint shall be brushed and baked to make it well cured. Sharp corners shall be eliminated at the insulation of the hand bag to prevent discharge.

 Yuchai power generator set

(3) There shall be sufficient discharge distance between the leads of the generator set.


(4) The polyester glass rope of the water and electricity joint shall be soaked with paint. During construction, measures shall be taken to prevent the polyester glass rope from being polluted.


(5) The conductor insulation at the water and electricity joint shall be extended into the insulation box and the lap joint shall be properly treated to prevent package leakage. The insulation box shall be filled tightly and sealed well to prevent oil and water from entering the insulation box.


(6) There shall be sufficient distance between the lead, manifold, insulated water conduit and inner end cover


(7) The insulation surface potential or leakage current test shall be conducted for the excitation end leads and water and electricity connectors to detect the insulation quality.


(8) The end pressing plate is added to the generating set to strengthen the fixing strength of the bar. The tangential support plate of the nose end is added to strengthen the fixation strength of the end.


(9) The notch cushion block structure shall be improved to ensure the contact surface with the winding bar, so as to strengthen the fixing strength at the notch. Dingbo Power recommends strengthening the binding and cushion block support between the leads.


(10) For the loose position of the stator winding and the position where yellow powder appears in the stator winding, baking and heating shall be carried out to make the end binding wire soft. The loose binding wire shall be tightened with the processed epoxy wedge, and then dipped, baked and solidified with 1:1 epoxy resin.


(11) Take measures to prevent foreign matters from remaining in the machine.


(12) The parameters of the anti halo structure shall be adjusted reasonably to control the time and temperature during the forming of the anti halo structure.


(13) Carry out preventive test, find defects in time and deal with them.


(14) The production and assembly process of hollow conductor shall be strictly enforced, and the event that the flow section of hollow conductor becomes smaller during the production and assembly process shall be eliminated.


Dingbo Power hope that the above introduction to generator maintenance can help you.

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