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Maintenance and Repair Work of Generator Set Control System

Oct. 17, 2023

The control system is an important part of the components of the generator set, as maintenance and repair work for the control system is also very necessary. The Dingbo power generation equipment adopts a Zhongzhi control display system, with a large LCD display screen that can be switched between Chinese and English languages, making the operation relatively simple. How should maintenance work be carried out on the control screen? The specific content is as follows.

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1. Regularly or regularly clean the control system to remove dust and maintain cleanliness.

2. Regularly or regularly check the wires for short circuits, damage, or rust. If there are rusted or overheated terminals, they should be treated with care and tightened.

3. Regularly check for loose connectors.

4. For each wire fastener, tighten the fasteners and conduct regular maintenance, and tighten each terminal.

5. Regularly check whether all indicators and instruments display normally.

6. If the generator set is left unused for a long time, it is important to regularly power on the control panel, approximately 30 minutes each time.

On the control panel of the Zhongzhi control system of the generator set, there are usually functional switches for operating the machine, such as voltage meters, frequency meters, ammeters, power meters, three-phase current switches, and three-phase voltage switches. Previously, I also introduced relevant content about the composition and structure of the control panel of the generator set. Interested friends can check it on the website. It should be noted that maintenance of the control panel should receive professional training from electricians and technicians.

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