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Main Points 0f Routine Maintenance Of Diesel Generator Equipment

Apr. 20, 2022

Diesel generators are an important factor to maintain the production and operation of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good technical status and working performance of diesel generators through equipment management, so as to reduce costs, save funds and achieve lean production for enterprises. To achieve the above goals, it is necessary to carry out TPM management to strengthen the routine maintenance of diesel generators.


Through the correct management of equipment, factories and enterprises can improve the utilization rate of diesel generators, which not only ensures the smooth progress of production, but also prolongs the service life of equipment. In the equipment management work, the routine maintenance of diesel generators is the basic point. Through routine maintenance, in addition to timely detection of abnormal conditions and early treatment, it can also summarize experience and lay the foundation for future maintenance work.


The routine maintenance of diesel generators mainly includes routine maintenance and routine maintenance, and the main means is inspection. Through inspection, take effective preventive measures in time, such as cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, tightening, make some inspections on the technical condition of the parts, and make some repairs with little workload according to the actual situation, and replace the smaller ones. Parts, troubleshooting, reduce mechanical vibration, noise, but also protect other parts from premature damage due to abnormal work.


diesel generator

The maintenance of diesel generators must first analyze the mechanical failure. Only after understanding the reasons for the failure of diesel generators from all aspects, can it be maintained in a targeted manner to reduce failures and improve the operation rate of diesel generators.


Generator failure means that the generator equipment loses its original performance, and the technical indicators cannot meet its specified requirements. For example, the rated power decreases, the working capacity decreases, the loss increases, and some components are damaged or damaged, which affects the normal production and even causes serious production and economic losses.


The failure of components is the main reason for the failure of diesel generators. Paying attention to the reasons for the failure of components and taking remedial measures as soon as possible is an effective method to reduce the failure. There are many reasons for the failure of parts, including the parts themselves. Each material has its own defects. For example, if the strength is high, the plasticity will inevitably decrease.


There are also human reasons, improper maintenance operations; the impact of environmental factors such as dust, humidity, temperature on the machinery. Parts failure is unavoidable in work, and there are various forms of failure. The common ones in our daily work are wear, deformation, fracture and corrosion.


Diesel generators are in continuous operation under working conditions, and the parts in contact with each other are worn due to mutual friction due to continuous movement. If the fitting clearance between the parts is too large or too small, it is not easy to form liquid friction, resulting in poor lubrication and increased friction between the parts. Improper installation of equipment will cause uneven distribution of operating load, resulting in additional load, resulting in inflexible operation, increased heat generation, and increased wear of parts, different movement speeds cause different wear and tear. There is also the strength of the material used for the part.


According to statistics from relevant departments, more than 70% of the failures of mechanical parts are caused by wear and tear. Mechanical conveying equipment is more likely to cause significant wear and tear of parts due to long working hours and large loads. The deformation of the parts is due to the constant force of the diesel generator during operation, which changes the size and shape of some parts. If the change is large, it will not only affect the life of the part itself, but also destroy the original combination relationship between the parts, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.


When the diesel generator is under heavy load for a long time, the deformation of some parts is inevitable, such as the pins used to fix the position of the parts. This requires strengthening inspections in daily work, and timely repair or replacement after deformation is found. When the parts are seriously deformed, they may break. Once broken, the consequences will be very serious, which will cause production stoppage and even injury accidents. Therefore, when the parts are significantly deformed, they must be replaced.


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