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Main Causes Of Water Inflow in Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 28, 2023

Yuchai diesel generator is a well-known domestic generator brand in China. Due to its stable performance, reliable power, and high cost performance, its market share has been high, and it is widely used in various industries. However, no matter how good the quality, it is inevitable that some fault problems will occur. For example, water ingress into a diesel generator set is a common fault. This has a certain impact on the operating efficiency and service life of Yuchai diesel generator sets, and may even lead to unit damage in severe cases. Therefore, users should promptly find the cause and troubleshoot. Based on many years of experience, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. has indicated that the main reasons for water inflow into Yuchai diesel generator units are the following!


1. Cylinder perforation: The Yuchai diesel generator set adopts a sleeveless cylinder body, and the outer wall of the cylinder directly contacts the cooling water of the diesel generator to dissipate heat. During the circulation process, cooling water scours the outer surface of the cylinder, causing cavitation and cavitation on the outer surface of the cylinder. If this continues for a long time, dense pits will appear on the upstream surface of the cylinder. In severe cases, the cylinder may be perforated, allowing coolant to enter the cylinder and seep into the diesel generator oil pan.


2. Damaged cylinder gasket: The cylinder head and cylinder block are sealed by the cylinder gasket, and the cylinder block water channel has corresponding sealing rings on the cylinder gasket to ensure that the coolant does not leak. If the flatness error of the cylinder head or cylinder block plane exceeds the allowable range, it will inevitably cause the cylinder gasket to be not tightly sealed, and coolant may seep into the oil pan. In addition, if the cylinder head bolts are not tightened as specified or the surface is not cleaned during the cleaning process, resulting in the cylinder gasket not being pressed tightly, this can also cause coolant infiltration.


3. Damaged oil radiator: The radiator core consists of a row of copper tubes, with coolant flowing through the core copper tubes and oil circulating outside the tubes. During the flow process, the high-temperature oil is cooled by coolant to ensure a certain oil temperature. If the radiator copper pipe breaks or the seals at both ends of the radiator core fail, when the diesel generator switches from operating state to flameout, the oil pressure is lower than the pressure of circulating water. Under the effect of pressure difference, coolant may enter the diesel generator oil pan through the oil passage.


diesel generator set

4. Cylinder head damage: After the cylinder head cracks, even if there are only small cracks, during the operation of the diesel generator, coolant will leak into the cylinder from the crack line, and then seep into the oil pan.


The above are the main causes of water ingress in Yuchai diesel generator sets. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. warmly reminds you that for different fault phenomena, it is necessary to flexibly apply troubleshooting methods and find solutions to the problems starting from the principle and structure of diesel generator sets. When encountering faults, it is possible to shorten the time for finding faults, reduce the delay of equipment faults, and eliminate faults in a timely manner.

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