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LNT Technology for Diesel Engine Exhaust Post Treatment

Dec. 18, 2023

Diesel generators have some unavoidable drawbacks in terms of emissions, such as NOx and particulate emissions, which cause increasingly serious acid rain and haze problems. The Lean bumNOx Trap technology for diesel generator exhaust post-treatment utilizes certain rare metals to adsorb NOx, and the key component of the LNT device is alkali metal compounds with the ability to adsorb NOx. It has a good effect on reducing NOx emissions. Compared to SCR systems, the system is simple and occupies less space, making it suitable for the installation and use of diesel generator sets.

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Taking the adsorption material containing alkali metal lock (Ba) as an example: NO in the exhaust is oxidized to N02 through the catalytic action of metal lead (Pt), and then reacts with BaO in the adsorbent to generate Ba (N03) 2, which is captured; When the adsorption reaches saturation, regeneration is carried out. Adjust the working condition of the engine to achieve rich combustion conditions. In this situation, Ba (N03) 2 decomposes and releases NOx, which is then reduced to N2 by reacting with HC, CO, and H2 through the catalytic action of rhodium metal (Rh). There are currently two main challenges in the application of LNT technology: first, how to create the required reducing atmosphere for adsorber regeneration, as diesel engines cannot automatically operate in a rich mixture; Secondly, catalysts are prone to S (sulfur) poisoning. The former can be solved through strategies such as higher EGR circulation, air throttling, and secondary injection of fuel into the cylinder to generate sufficient reducing atmosphere in the later stage of combustion. However, the problem of S poisoning must be solved by removing S fuel or reducing S in lubricating oil.

Due to these characteristics of LNT, especially its simple system and small footprint, it is mainly used for light diesel vehicles with Euro IV and above emission levels, as well as heavy-duty diesel vehicles in areas with inconvenient urea supply. However, LNT has some drawbacks. Due to the use of precious metals, the cost is higher than that of SCN catalysts, and diesel sulfur content is required to be less than 10ug/g. More fuel injection is required for the reduction reaction, resulting in an increase in engine fuel consumption.

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