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Key Points For Purchasing Emergency Generator Sets

Nov. 27, 2021

Emergency generators are used to start emergency diesel engines when there is no electricity or the power system is damaged, and when we urgently need electricity, emergency generators generally burn diesel to power shopping malls or stores and provide network power supply to meet everyone's daily needs.


1. Two major features of emergency diesel generators:

(1) As an emergency, the continuous working time is not long, generally only a few hours of continuous operation (≤12H).


(2) The emergency generator set is usually in a shutdown waiting state. Only when the main power supply is completely cut off, the emergency diesel generator set will start and run to supply the emergency power load. When the main power supply returns to normal, it will switch to shutdown immediately.


Second, the main points of purchasing emergency diesel generators.

(1) Determination of generator capacity of emergency diesel generator.

The calibrated capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is the 12h calibrated capacity after atmospheric correction, and its capacity should be able to meet the total calculated emergency power load, and the generator capacity should meet the requirements for starting a single motor with the largest capacity in the first load. Emergency generators generally use three-phase AC synchronous generators with a calibrated output voltage of 400V.


(2) Determination of the number of emergency diesel generator sets.

When there are multiple generator sets in standby, generally only one emergency diesel generator set is installed. In consideration of reliability, two generator sets can also be selected for power supply in parallel. Generally, the number of emergency generating sets should not exceed 3. When selecting multiple units, the unit should try to select complete sets of equipment with the same model and capacity, similar pressure and speed regulation characteristics, and the nature of the fuel used should be the same for maintenance and sharing of spare parts.


When there are two emergency generating units, the self-starting device should enable the two units to be mutually backup, that is, after the mains power failure and power failure are confirmed after a delay, the self-starting command will be issued. If the starting fails, an alarm signal should be issued and the second diesel generator should be started automatically.


diesel generator set

(3) Selection of emergency diesel generator.

The emergency unit should be a high-speed, pressurized, low fuel consumption diesel generator set with the same capacity. The high-speed supercharged diesel engine has a large single engine capacity and small space occupation, the diesel engine is equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed control device, which has better speed regulation performance. The generator should be selected with a synchronous motor equipped with brushless excitation or phase compound excitation device, which is more reliable and malfunctions. Low rate and convenient maintenance and repair, when the capacity of a single air conditioner or motor in the primary load is large, a generator set with third harmonic excitation should be selected, the machine is assembled on a shared chassis with shock absorbers to reduce. The impact of small noise on the surrounding environment.


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