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Judging The Problem Of Volvo Diesel Generator Set Based On Smoke Exhaust

Jul. 26, 2023

It is well known that judging the smoke exhaust condition plays a vital role in Volvo diesel generator set. What should Volvo diesel generator set do then? How to overcome difficulties? We learn together with numerous generator managers. Based on the previous analysis, make a judgment and observe the smoke exhaust situation. It refers to distinguishing the smoke exhaust status of Volvo diesel generator set according to the information known about the smoke color, and deciding which maintenance methods to choose according to such differences. When distinguishing whether the smoke exhaust diesel generator set has a major fault, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the operating conditions of the diesel generator and whether there is smoke of other colors.


(1) White smoke or light gray smoke. When the diesel generator is started and fully combusted, the color of the whole equipment is either light gray or dark gray, which shall be distinguished according to its transportation. The reason for this kind of smoke is determined by the energy used by the diesel generator itself and the characteristics of combustion.


(2) Smoke other colors. If black, white, or blue smoke appears during the combustion process, it is necessary to pay attention to inspecting the equipment. When the internal piston and cylinder of the equipment are excessively worn, there may be insufficient air leakage pressure, or the malfunction of the fuel injector may cause uneven injection and insufficient combustion, all of which can lead to the occurrence of black smoke. Changes in the shape of the internal fuel chamber or inability to meet technical requirements can also affect the amount of fuel injected into the engine, resulting in black smoke from the engine due to too little or too much fuel.


Volvo diesel generator set

Check the wear of diesel generator:

Any machine will experience wear and tear depreciation during use, and some wear and tear of the unit is inevitable. If the piston ring is severely worn, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder will increase. The ovality of crankshaft journal and connecting rod journal of diesel generator set will exceed the specified limit.


Check the difficulty of starting diesel generator:

Generally, the diesel generator is started by two batteries. Even in winter, there is no difficulty in starting. Therefore, if the diesel generator takes a long time to start, there are two reasons. One is that there is only one battery in the diesel generator, and the machine will start slowly when it is new, or there are other problems with the diesel generator, which needs to be checked in time.


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