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Is Poor Quality Diesel Oil Harmful To Cummins Genset

Sep. 21, 2019

The reason why Cummins diesel generator can generate electricity to bring power to users is that diesel generators need to burn diesel oil to provide power to drive power generation in the process of generating electricity.

We all know that the replacement of diesel oil for diesel generating sets can ensure the stable use of the generating sets, which effectively prolongs the service life of diesel power generator to a certain extent. Therefore, in the process of using diesel genset, it is necessary to accurately determine the replacement time of diesel oil. Low quality diesel oil will affect the use and power generation of diesel genset, and also directly affect the incidence of diesel engine failure. If the quality of diesel oil is good and the combustion rate is high, the generator power can also be brought into full play. On the contrary, the poor purity of diesel oil directly results in more carbon deposit in the cylinder of diesel engine, will result in insufficient diesel genset power and frequent faults.

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Harm of using poor quality diesel oil:

1.Diesel oil has high sulfur content, will damage the quality of diesel oil, so that the oil prematurely reduces the performance and the diesel engine of diesel generator set can not get good lubrication;

2.High moisture content, which damages to the lubrication of fuel pump and precision parts of injection nozzle;

3.Has a lot of impurities, which damages to the precision parts of fuel pump and nozzle, and increase the wear and tear of nozzle orifice;

4.High residual carbon content. The combustion produces excessive carbon deposition, which affects the combustion effect of diesel engine. The combustion chamber temperature is too high, which causes the early damage of rings and cylinder liners;

5.Diesel oil isolation is easy to block, power of generating unit decreases, and replacement interval of diesel oil isolation is shortened;

6.Low quality diesel oil is easy to cause cylinder pulling, leading to the scrap of diesel engine as a whole;

7.Low-quality diesel oil is not easy to burn and will produce a lot of exhaust gas in the process of use;

8.Low quality diesel oil can easily lead to blockage of three filters in generating units, which will affect the service life of generating units;

9.The low calorific value of diesel fuel can not reach the prescribed value when burning. The fuel consumption rate is higher than the rated power of the calibrated diesel engine, which directly leads to the power decline of the diesel generator set;


If use poor quality diesel oil, diesel engine can not reach rated power, and the consumption of fuel is higher than the standard of the generator set, which will lead to premature damage of the internal parts of the machine, also lead to insufficient lubrication of the power system of the generating unit, and the decline of power performance shortens the overhaul period of the generator set, that is to say, speeds up the maintenance speed. This will lead to an increase in user costs, as well as the need to spend more human and material resources to repair and care.


Diesel oil is the power fuel of diesel generating units. In order to save costs, some users do not use standard diesel oil prescribed by diesel generator, but use inferior diesel which does not meet the standard. This is a wrong practice, which also violates the maintenance rules of diesel generating units. If serious, it will cause damage to diesel engines and economic losses. If use low quality diesel oil for a long time, it will also do harm to the environment.


How to judge it is poor quality diesel oil:

1.The appearance characteristics of inferior diesel oil are obvious, which can not meet the requirements of transparency and is generally turbid;

2.The certified diesel oil can meet label requirements, but the inferior diesel oil generally does not meet the label requirements;

3.Low quality diesel oil generally does not meet the requirements of low calorific value of diesel fuel;

4.Sulfur content of low quality diesel oil is high;

5.Impurity and moisture content is high;

6.High carbon residue, easy to form carbon deposit.


So we should use diesel oil according to the instructions of diesel genset. Only when we protect our generator set well, we can reduce cost in generator maintenance and it can bring us the greatest value.

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