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Is It Worth Buying Shangchai Generator Set

Sep. 20, 2019

When it comes to diesel generators, perhaps people think more about Cummins, Volvo, Perkins brand, but seldom hear about Shangchai diesel generator set. How is the quality of Shangchai diesel generator set? And is it buying ShangChai Generator Set? Today Starlight Power factory analyses for you.


Shangchai diesel generator sets are produced in China, have a good reputation in terms of performance, technical parameters and price and the recognition of users is very high. Of course, these are not all what suppliers and manufacturers say.


First of all, let's understand the development history of Shangchai. Shangchai generators have a long history. In China, Shangchai generators enjoy high prestige. Shangchai is a joint-stock listed company (listed in 1993), with a total assets of 3.1 billion RMB. It is also one of the first five enterprises to win the Shanghai Quality Gold Prize. Shanghai Company, formerly China Agricultural Machinery Company, was officially named Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory in 1953. Through the continuous efforts of ShangChai, its quality has been recognized by users. Many awards have also been awarded in technology for the performance system and performance of diesel generators.

 Shangchai genset大图_副本.jpg

Secondly, in terms of test, Shangchai generating units must undergo strict test before they leave the factory. In addition to experiencing outdoor high-altitude test, many experiments will be carried out in the laboratory. For example, durability, reliability and other experiments. In the process of durability test, various defects in engine design, material and processing technology can be found, which can provide suggestions for design improvement and improve the overall performance of generators. It can preliminarily determine whether the service life of engine meets the quantitative requirements.


Thirdly, in terms of the product characteristics of Shangchai generating set, it has the advantages of compact design, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, stable performance, advanced technology, reliable operation and maintenance, and has rich product classification, which is divided into: marine generating set, land generating set; functional structure is divided into automation generator, canopy generator, low noise generator, trailer mobile power station generator; In terms of industry, it is divided into civil generator set, oilfield power generation standby power supply equipment.


Fourth, comparing with Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Yuchai and other units, Shangchai diesel generator set is a brand with high cost performance.


Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that Shangchai generator set is better than the Chinese brand one, and it is also one of the most widely used brands in China. Accessories can be bought everywhere and price is cheap. Shangchai generator set can basically meet the needs of users in terms of power. If you plan to have a Chinese brand diesel generator set, maybe you can consider Shangchai brand, we have cooperated with Shangchai for a long time, you can also come to visit our factory to see the quality of Shangchai diesel generator sets.


How much Shangchai diesel generator set?

When many purchasers buy generators, the first consideration is the price factor. Quotations vary widely in the market, which causes us a lot of doubts. Why is the price deviation so much? In fact, it depends on configuration. Just as we buy automobiles, the price of low and high allocation is different, allocation directly determines the price of the generator set, so it also affects the difference in quotation to customers.


How to distinguish the true and false model of Shangchai diesel generator?

1.Product nameplate.

Since 2014, all Shangchai product nameplates have used the registered trademark of enterprise Red Sun logo combination SDEC in English; the registered trademark has been registered in more than 100 countries worldwide; all products that use the registered trademark without permission are counterfeit models.

2.Product anti-counterfeiting code.

Three certificates of Shangchai's products are complete; Shangchai's certificates of qualifications are well made. There are anti-counterfeiting codes on the certificate. Users can scrape the anti-counterfeiting codes and check the authenticity by telephone. If they find that the code has been scraped when purchasing, can regard the products as counterfeit products.

3.Industrial two-dimensional code.

The real machine body produced by Shangchai prints production two-dimensional code, which can be sent back to Shangchai company by taking photos and scanned by Shangchai proprietary equipment to inquire about relevant information of production, so as to ensure traceable inquiry of quality problems.

 Shangchai generator

4.The oil pump of SC13/15G model is driven by gear connection with patented technology, eliminating hidden troubles of mechanical faults, reducing the work of repeated correction of advance angle, and ensuring low maintenance cost for users. At the same time, the real machine body adopts patent design, optimizes the connection structure of peripheral parts, and improves the overall strength. Parts and components are also patented and manufactured under license. The logo of Shangchai is also cast.

5.The body structure of SC25/27G model adopts the patented integral body structure, which increases the reinforcement ribs, enhances the strength of the body, protects the internal parts, reduces the maintenance cost and guarantees the reliability of diesel engine operation. On the cylinder head cover, this series of models also adopt patented shell components, which are cast with SDEC brand trademark. Once the counterfeit logo is found, Shangchai will be legally liable for its infringement.


However, the counterfeit machine body adopts side upper and lower cover plate, which has complex structure, weak overall strength and high maintenance cost in the later period.


6.The brand fittings.

The brand fittings are used in the oil filter of the real engine of Shangchai Power Station, and Shangchai logo is authorized to be printed, while the counterfeit models are made of non-brand fittings without quality guarantee.


The above is a quick way to distinguish the true and false models of Shangchai diesel generator set. I hope it will be helpful to you all.


Is it worth buying Shangchai generator set? We suggest that you start with your own real needs and meet your own work or life needs when you buy diesel generator set, then you can find suitable generator set. If you are still confused, do not know to choose what kind of unit, please come to consult us.

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