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Is It Better To Add More Oil To Diesel Generator Sets Than To Add Less Oil

Mar. 04, 2022

Diesel generator set is a high-pressure injection electronically controlled engine with high precision parts and high requirements for the selection of oil. Generally, diesel generator sets should use oil of CF grade or above. Some users may think that adding more oil is better than adding less, often one-time filling oil exceeds the specified value. This is actually counterproductive. Filling too much oil may cause the following problems:


1. Adding too much oil will easily lead to leakage at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft, increase the consumption of oil, pollute the environment, and increase the difficulty of diesel generator set maintenance.


2. The oil is easy to foam and deteriorate, which increases the resistance of crankshaft rotation. In addition, too high oil level will hinder the movement of the connecting rod, thereby reducing the efficiency of the diesel generator set.


3. Too much oil enters the combustion chamber, which directly leads to an increase in oil consumption. After the oil is burned, it is easy to form carbon deposits on the piston rings, the valve seat on the top of the piston, and the fuel injection nozzle, resulting in the seizure of the piston ring and the blockage of the fuel injection nozzle.


diesel generator set

4. Excessive oil level is easy to generate oil and gas under the agitation of the big end of the connecting rod, and it will catch fire and burn in case of high temperature, causing the explosion of the crankcase.


In order to avoid various problems caused by excessive oil, users should control the standard range when filling oil. The amount of oil added to the diesel generator set is shown in the table below. After adding oil, the unit runs for 2 minutes and then stands still for 15 minutes. Check the oil level of the oil pan, and ensure that it is placed between 1/2 of the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick to the upper scale.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds the majority of users that the amount of oil added to the diesel generator set should not be too much or too little. It should be added in an appropriate amount according to the technical manual to ensure the best working condition of the diesel generator set.


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