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Introduction of Diesel Generator Set Fire Pump

Jul. 14, 2021

With the improvement of fire protection awareness and the fire protection regulations, diesel generator set fire pumps are increasingly favored by customers. And because of the complete automation function of its supporting control cabinet, the start-up and operation process of the diesel generator set completely get rid of the traditional operation mode, and realize the functions of remote control, automatic start, ultra-low pressure pump start and automatic alarm. Since electric water pumps are inseparable from electricity, and fire accident sites are often forced to cut off the power or turn off the power automatically due to the fire, even if we are equipped with dual power switching devices, it cannot ensure that the power grid will be normal when the fire alarm signal comes. Therefore, starting and running the diesel generator set fire pump that is completely disconnected from the power grid becomes the first choice for backup fire fighting facilities!

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As we all know, the driving power of the diesel generator set fire pump is completely different from the driving power of the electric water pump, so there are many differences in their daily maintenance and management! Next, Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. will talk about the matters that should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and management of the diesel generator set fire pump.

1. Features of diesel generator set fire pump

The biggest difference between the diesel genset fire pump and the electric water pump is that it has its own independent power supply system-battery. Therefore, the start and operation of the diesel generator set fire pump can be completely separated from the mains.

Diesel generator set fire pumps are usually used as backup facilities. Therefore, only when the fire signal comes, and when the electric water pump fails or the power supply is cut off, it will automatically start. When it has an ultra-low pressure pump starting device, its matching electric water pump control cabinet should also have an ultra-low pressure pump starting device, and there should be a certain pressure difference between the lower limit of the two pumps. Of course, I can also design a control system that is more suitable for customer needs according to customer requirements.


2. Maintenance of diesel generator set fire pump

The correct maintenance of diesel generator set fire pumps, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is the key to prolonging the service life and reducing the cost of use. Routine maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps to check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank-observe the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, and refill as needed.

Check the oil level in the oil pan-observe whether the oil level reaches the mark on the oil scale. If it is insufficient, add to the specified amount, but not exceed the upper limit of the scale.

Check the oil level of the fuel injection pump governor-if it does not reach the specified engraved mark, add enough oil (some fuel injection pump governors do not have a ruler, this step can be omitted).

Check whether there is sufficient lubricating grease in the oil filling point of the water pump—Remove the lubricating nipple on the circulating water pump of the diesel generator set and observe whether the lubricating grease inside is sufficient.

Check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient-if the water in the water tank is found to be insufficient, it should be refilled in time. The added water should be clean fresh water, such as tap water or clean river water. If the groundwater is used directly, it is easy to form scale in the water tank, which will affect the cooling effect and cause malfunction. Therefore, the groundwater can be used after it is softened. In the north (the ambient temperature is below zero), an antifreeze with an appropriate freezing point must be configured according to the local minimum temperature. The formula is as follows: Ethylene glycol water freezing point℃ Ethylene glycol antifreeze 6040-55 5545-40 5050-32 4060-22

Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas)-check the sealing surfaces of the oil pipes and water pipe joints. If there is leakage, it should be solved immediately; if there is looseness or air leakage in the turbocharger at the exhaust pipe and cylinder head gasket Phenomenon should also be eliminated in time.

Check the condition of the acid in the battery—the level of the electrolyte in the battery should generally be 10-15mm higher than the top surface of the electrode plate. If it is found to be abnormal, add dilute sulfuric acid or distilled water with a specific gravity of 1.400g/cm³ to adjust it. The specific gravity reaches 1.280±0.005 (30°C). Never add river water, well water and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Check the installation of each accessory of the diesel generator set-including the stability of the installation of each accessory, the anchor bolts and the firmness of the connection with the working machinery.

Check the fuel injection pump drive connection plate-check whether the connection screw is loose, if it is loose, re-correct the fuel injection advance angle and tighten the connection screw.

Clean the exterior of the diesel generator set and ancillary equipment-wipe off the oil, water and dust on the surface of the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc. with a dry cloth or a rag soaked in diesel; wipe or Use compressed air to blow away the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan, etc.


3. Preparations for the start-up of the fire pump of the diesel generator set

The structure of the diesel generator set fire pump is much more complicated than that of the electric water pump, so the preparation work before starting is more cumbersome.

First, we should first check whether the display of the voltmeter on the control cabinet is 24V. If it is lower than 24V, we should find out the cause in time and eliminate the fault.

Second, check whether all parts of the diesel generator set are normal, whether the accessories are reliably connected, and eliminate abnormal phenomena. 

Third, check whether the oil in the oil pan, fuel injection pump, and governor reaches the specified oil level. If you find that the oil is insufficient, you should add the same type of oil.

Fourth, check whether there is enough water in the water tank. If an open-circulation cooling system is used, the water source should be connected.

Fifth, use the hand pump on the fuel transfer pump to inject fuel into the fuel system. At the same time, loosen the bleed screw on the fuel injection pump to remove air from the fuel system. When there is no more air to be removed, tighten the screw. And then continue to pump oil until the oil return pipe has oil return, and finally tighten the hand pump.

Sixth, loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe joint nuts on the injectors of each cylinder in turn, place the governor handle at the operating position of the diesel engine, rotate the diesel generator set, and discharge the air in each high-pressure fuel pipe (this step can generally be ignored, Should not be ignored when the startup fails).

Seventh, for new engines or unused diesel engines that have been parked for more than 5 days, rotate the crankshaft for 3 to 5 revolutions before starting.

Eighth, when there is a warm-up start device and a warm-up start is required (the temperature is below 5℃), check whether the glow plug is normal (the resistance of the glow plug with the rated voltage of 24V under normal conditions is about 0.025Ω, and the resistance of the 12V is relatively high. Smaller).


4. Daily management of diesel generator set fire pump

To ensure the reliability of the entire control system, perfect daily management is inseparable. Although the diesel generator set fire pump has a high degree of automation, it is often caused by man-made destructive factors to make it out of function! The components are damaged or lost, the parameters of the time relay and the charger are modified incorrectly, etc., users have responded! Therefore, the key to the pump room must be managed by a dedicated person, and the equipment parts must be regularly checked for loss or damage by other factors, and whether the parameters of each component are scientific and reasonable.


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