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Introduction of CCEC Cummins Diesel Power Generator

May. 24, 2019

Diesel generator set mainly consists of diesel engine, AC generator, control system and radiator.

1. Introduction of Cummins Power Generation Engine

Cummins is the world's largest company in the design, manufacture and sale of diesel and CNG engines.

2. Basic working principle of Cummins Engine

The working cycle of each cylinder of the engine is composed of four strokes: suction, compression, work and exhaust. Each cylinder of the engine completes a complete working cycle, the piston reciprocates twice and the crankshaft rotates for two weeks.

3. Ignition order

Four-cylinder engine ignition sequence: 1-3-4-2

Six-cylinder engine ignition sequence: 1-5-3-6-2-4

Twelve-cylinder engine ignition sequence: R1-L6-R6-L1-R5-L2-R2-L5-R3-L4-R4-L3

Cummins Engine Identification

Cummins Engine Identification

Basic engine characteristics

- Closed water cooling system with Fleetguard added coolant additive to improve engine cavitation resistance.

- The oil channels inside the cylinder block is adopted extensively to make the engine cleaner.

- Four valves per cylinder

- Integral forging crankshaft and connecting rod give the engine better durability

- Adopt disposable water filter, fuel filter and oil filter core to make engine maintenance more convenient and reliable.

- Using cylinder cover and piston ceramic coating technology

- Closed cooling system and low temperature intercooling system

- Rotary valve technology

- Adopt STC technology

- Supercharger with exhaust gas bypass door

- Using Cummins patented PT fuel system or Bosch MCRS fuel system

Stroke analysis

(1) Suction stroke

The exhaust valve closes, the intake valve opens, the combustible gas enters the cylinder by the air inlet through the valve, the piston moves from the top dead center to the bottom dead center, and the crankshaft (flywheel/ring gear) rotates half a circle driven by the connecting rod.

(2) Compression stroke

The exhaust valve is closed, the intake valve is closed, the piston moves from BDC to TDC, compresses the combustible gas, and the crankshaft (flywheel/ring gear) rotates half a turn driven by the connecting rod.

(3) Work stroke

The intake valve closes, the exhaust valve opens, the spark plug ignites, and the combustible gas in the cylinder is ignited, producing high temperature and pressure, pushing the piston to move from the TDC to BDC. (at this time, the chemical energy of the fuel is released and the fuel does work.) Driven by the connecting rod, the crankshaft (flywheel / gear ring) rotates half a turn.

(4) Exhaust stroke

The intake valve closes, the exhaust valve opens, the piston moves from the lower dead center to the upper dead center, the exhaust gas produced by combustion of flammable gas in the cylinder is pushed out, and the crankshaft (flywheel / gear ring) rotates half a circle driven by the connecting rod.

engine stroke

1. Body assembly

Function: the basis of the various mechanisms of the engine, the work and assembly of each system

Composition: body, cylinder liner, cylinder pad, crankcase, oil sump

2. Crankshaft connecting rod system

Function: The mechanism by which the engine generates and transmits power can convert the linear reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft.

Composition: piston, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing bush, flywheel

crankshaft and connecting rod

3. Intake and exhaust systems

Function: Put clean air into the cylinder in time and discharge the exhaust gas from the cylinder in time.

Composition: camshaft, valve, rocker arm, shaft

Intake system

intake system

Exhaust system

exhaust system

4. Fuel system

Function: The diesel is sprayed into the compressed air to burn according to a certain rule.

Composition: fuel injection pump, fuel injection port, filter, oil-water separator.

Cummins PT fuel system

Working principle of cut-off valve

cut-off valve

5. Lubrication system

Function: The lubricating oil is supplied to the friction parts to reduce the friction resistance, reduce the wear of the machine parts, and partially cool the friction parts to clean the friction surface.

Composition: oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, pipeline

6. Cooling system

Function: Dissipate the heat from the high heat parts to the atmosphere.

Composition: water pump, radiator (water tank), fan, water distribution pipe, body, water jacket in the cylinder head, thermostatic valve.


Cummins Diesel Generator Alternator Recommended: Leroy-Somer- French sole proprietorship

The Leroy-Somer alternator is produced and controlled by Emerson Electric, USA, and is developed and produced with the aid of finite element analysis software, thus providing excellent electromechanical performance. In the effective application of performance, starting ability and reaction time, the design can be optimized and compact according to the needs of use. The robust and sturdy mechanical structure allows the Leroy-Somer alternator to withstand different levels of engine vibration. Leroy-Somer has different excitation voltage regulation systems. The most advanced and efficient production processes and equipment required for the production of AC generators are adopted, such as the rotor assembly is wet the stator adopts the dip paint. Automatic voltage regulator is imported directly from France.

Main function: generate electric energy.

Choose the world's most famous brand of Leroy-Somer alternator. The generator has good matching performance in terms of electrical, torque or mechanical matching structural characteristics and dynamic mechanical indexes. It has good adaptability to various environments.

Leroy-Somer alternator

Control System Recommended: Deep Sea

Deep Sea Electronics, founded in 1975, is the world's leading generator set controller manufacturer with strong R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities for nearly 40 years to produce high quality, high performance controller products. Famous in the world.

The deep sea control system has a standard control function. It is controlled by an external signal to start and stop generator set automatically. The three selected states include manual, automatic/remote control, and shutdown. The genset provides complete operation data including oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery voltage, engine speed, engine running time, voltage, frequency, etc. The unit has the following basic protection functions: high water temperature, low oil pressure, over frequency, charging failure, starting failure, over current, etc.

Cummins diesel engine body number

1. Each original Cummins engine will have a random certificate of conformity. The engine type, engine body number, fuel pump number, turbocharger number, and cylinder body number are recorded in detail on the certificate.

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