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Inspection Method for Exhaust Gas Turbocharger of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 04, 2021

Do you know the specific methods for inspection of exhaust gas turbochargers of diesel generator sets? The turbine shaft is rotating on the working journal. If you touch the working surface with your fingers, you should not feel any obvious grooves; observe the seal ring at the turbine end the carbon deposits at the groove and the wear of the side wall of the annular groove; observe whether there are bends and breaks at the inlet and outlet edges of the turbine blades; whether there are cracks on the outlet edges of the blades and whether there are curling burrs caused by friction at the tip of the blades; whether the back of the turbine blades There are bumps and scratches. In addition, the compressor impeller should be checked for rubbing on the back of the impeller and the top part of the blade; check whether the blade is bent or broken; whether there are cracks on the edge of the blade inlet and outlet and damaged by foreign objects.

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For bladeless volutes and compressor casings, check the rubbing of the arc part of each casing or whether it is scratched by foreign objects. At any time, observe the degree of oil deposits on the surface of each flow channel and analyze the reasons for the above-mentioned undesirable conditions. Elastic sealing ring check the wear and carbon deposit on both sides of the sealing ring. The thickness of the ring and the opening gap in the free state should not be less than 2mm. If it is less than the above value and the thickness of the ring exceeds the specified wear limit, it should be replaced. The thrust piece and thrust bearing should not have obvious grooves that can be felt by the fingers on the working surface. At the same time, check whether the oil inlet on the thrust bearing is blocked, and measure the axial thickness of each piece to meet the specified size range.

If there are obvious signs of wear on the working surface of the thrust piece but the wear limit value is not exceeded, the other unweared surface of the two thrust pieces can be installed in sequence as the working surface during reassembly. Finally, the air seal plate at the compressor end and the elastic seal ring seat hole of the intermediate shell at the turbine end check whether the elastic seal ring and the seat hole contact point for wear. The above is about sharing how to check the exhaust gas turbocharger of the diesel generator set. Method introduction.

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