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Inspection Methods For Common Diesel Generator Shaft Parts And Gear Parts

Aug. 21, 2023

There are many shaft components of diesel generator sets such as crankshaft, camshaft and transmission shaft. Common damage forms of shaft parts include bending, wear and tear, etc. The detailed inspection methods are as follows:


1. Bending inspection. The axis of the shaft part must be consistent with its rotation axis, otherwise the shaft is bent and deformed. As shown in figure 2-9, the axis of shaft 1 before bending is AA, and the axis after bending is BB. When checking the curvature of the shaft, generally use the contact point of differential table 2 against the central part of shaft 1 (if the crankshaft or camshaft journal is odd, measure the middle journal, if the journal is even, it should be measured near the middle When rotating the shaft, the difference between the maximum reading and the minimum reading pointed by the long pointer of the differential table is the runout of the shaft on the radial circle. For some shafts with relatively simple shapes, you can directly roll on the plate, and observe the change of light leakage between the shaft and the plate during rolling, so as to judge whether such parts are bent.


2. Wear inspection. The shape of the shaft parts is more complicated, some are cranking (such as crankshaft), some are tubular (such as half shaft sleeve), some are rod-shaped (such as steering knuckle pin), and the worn part is the journal. Half of the largest difference measured on the same cross section is circularity one of the largest differences measured on the same longitudinal section is cylindricity. When there is thrust at one or both ends of the journal, the length and circle radius of the journal should also be checked. In the maintenance unit with a single type and a large production scale, various special limit gauges can be used to measure the wear amount of the journal to improve the inspection efficiency.


3. Fracture inspection. Inspection method and detection method are available.


5 inspection methods for gear parts of diesel generator sets:


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The external teeth and internal teeth of diesel generator set gears, spline shafts and key teeth of spline holes, etc., can be regarded as gear parts. Common damage to gear components includes wear of tooth length and thickness, mottles on tooth surfaces, spalling, gouges, and cracks and fractures of individual teeth. For the inspection of gear components of diesel generator sets, inspection methods and measurement methods are generally used. The specific method of inspection with the sample plate is qualified if there is no light leakage or very little light leakage. For the inspection of the wear degree of the key shaft and key hole, the degree of wear can be determined.


1. The wear of the tooth thickness (measured at the section mesh) should generally not exceed 0.5mm (the tooth sleeve should not exceed 0.4mm).


2. Generally, the fracture of gear teeth should not exceed 1/3 of the tooth height, two adjacent teeth should not be fractured at the same time, and the fracture of the entire gear teeth should not exceed 4.


3. Spots on the surface of the teeth. Spalling shall not exceed 20% of the entire tooth surface.


4. Gear wear shall not have serious stepped shape.


5. The wear amount of the tooth length (measured at 2/3 of the tooth height) shall generally not exceed 30% of the original tooth length (the tooth sleeve shall not exceed 15% of the original tooth length).


In addition, if the worm gear and worm have cracks, fatigue spalling and trapezoidal wear, they should generally be replaced. To test the wear degree of the worm gear and the worm, it can be measured with special tools such as gear vernier calipers, limit gauges, special templates, etc., and the wear amount shall not exceed the standard requirements.


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