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Inspection Method Of Centerline Of Internal Combustion Engine And Generator

Apr. 22, 2022

Taking the 4135 diesel generator set as an example, the inspection and correction methods of the centerline of the internal combustion engine and the generator are described.


1. Install special tools. Fix the special tool (including the support arm, round iron and adjustment screw) on the vertical surface of the hinge plate and flywheel, and turn it to the vertical upward position.


2. Measure. Adjust the parallel screws and vertical screws to maintain a 0.5mm reference gap between them and the round iron, and then fasten the screws. After rotating the flywheel 180°, measure the gap between the parallel screw and the vertical screw and the round iron respectively and make a record.


3. Adjust.

(1) Staggered amount: The correction method is to loosen the four base screws of the generator, slightly lift the base of the generator, and appropriately reduce the base gasket [Increase or decrease (mm) = distance between the front and rear bases of the generator ( m) × staggered amount (mm/m)], then lay the generator flat (the generator may move a little at this time, it should be restored to its original position), and tighten the four base screws. Finally, a review should be carried out, and corrections should be made if they do not meet the requirements.


diesel generator set

The basic rule for adjusting the amount of staggering is: the upper part is bigger and the lower part is small to pad the tail, and the upper part is smaller and the lower part is bigger and the tail part is removed. That is, when the distance between the parallel screw on the top and the round iron is greater than the distance between the parallel screw on the bottom and the round iron during measurement, use a gasket to pad the tail of the generator to adjust the staggered amount. In the same way, if the distance is smaller than the distance, it is necessary to properly remove the gasket at the tail of the generator to adjust the staggered amount.


(2) The correction method of the offset offset is: loosen the four screws of the generator base, and properly adjust the thickness of the front and rear gaskets of the base (the increase or decrease is the offset). For example: in the above example, the generator is too high, the thickness of each gasket on the generator base should be reduced by 0.15mm to achieve the purpose of correcting its offset.


4. Turn the flywheel so that the special tool is on the left and right sides of the horizontal direction. Use the same method as above to check the staggered amount and offset in the left and right (front and rear) directions. If the staggered amount and offset of the two axis centerlines in the left and right (front and rear) directions exceed the allowable limit, the generator should be moved for correction. When calibrating, the interleaving amount should be corrected first and then the offset amount should be corrected.


5. After rechecking and correcting the staggered amount and offset of the centerline of the generator and the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine, recheck should be carried out until the offset and staggered amount of the centerline of the internal combustion engine and the generator meet the requirements.


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