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Inspection Method For The Axial Distance Of Generator Crankshaft

Dec. 24, 2021

The axial clearance of diesel generator crankshaft usually refers to the axial clearance between the end face of the thrust body and the journal and journal of the bearing.


What is the method for checking the axial spacing of the generator crankshaft?


The axial spacing of the crankshaft of the diesel generator is designed to meet the needs of the engine's thermal expansion when the engine is working. If the gap is too small, the machine will expand and become stuck. Excessive spacing and movement back and forth will bring abnormal wear to the parts of the piston connecting rod assembly. The surface of the thrust washer will gradually wear out, which will change the spacing and axial displacement. Therefore, it should be checked when assembling the crankshaft.


During the inspection, first fix the diesel generator crankshaft on the side of the shaft shoulder and the bearing end face, use a crowbar to squeeze the rear end of the crankshaft, and then use a thick gauge to measure between the first crankshaft arm and the thrust washer. Usually the axial distance of the crankshaft is between 0.05-0.25mm. If the axial distance is too large or too small, the adjusting thrust washer should be replaced or trimmed.


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Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal noise of crank connecting rod mechanism of diesel generator?


Common abnormal noises in the crank connecting rod mechanism of diesel generators include piston striking the cylinder, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod bearing, crankshaft bearing, cylinder, etc.


Typically, the abnormal sound of piston knocking occurs at the upper part of the diesel engine cylinder, usually at the moment when the piston's work stroke begins. The piston swings or moves in the cylinder, and its head or skirt collides with the cylinder wall and cylinder head. The sound produced has the following characteristics:


1. The sound of the diesel engine when idling is like a small hammer hitting, it is a rhythmic "click" sound, which is very clear.


2. The percussion sound of the diesel engine changes with the temperature. In the lower case, the sound is louder, and when the temperature rises, the sound weakens or disappears.


3. When the speed is suddenly increased, a continuous metal impact sound of "quack" is emitted. Such as multi-cylinder piston knocking, when the speed increases, the sound is noisy and chaotic.


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